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Our institute will implement environmental protection work with higher standards

Release time: 2018-01-16 Views: 1013

On January 15, our institute held the third party-government joint meeting in 2018. The meeting established environmental protection as one of our priorities in 2018.

President Du Jiyu emphasized at the meeting that environmental protection issues are a major matter for the survival and development of future generations. The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to this and have risen to the level of political tasks. In 2018, our hospital must do its best to protect the environment, take effective measures, strictly control the actual management, and ensure that all tasks are in place, responsibilities and implementation are in place. The hospital shall set up an environmental protection department, add special personnel, and strengthen the management of medical waste, hazardous chemicals and sewage. It is necessary to strictly work standards, strengthen performance assessment, resolutely put an end to work blind spots and environmental protection flaws, and strongly promote the implementation of environmental protection work. Regarding the environmental protection issues of the second outpatient department, all departments should cooperate closely, strengthen coordination from top to bottom, ensure that the relevant work indicators meet the standards, and ensure the normal development of medical and health care business.

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January 15, 2018