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Municipal Gender Planning Center launched environmental protection law promotion and free consultation activities

Release time: 2017-08-21 Views: 1017

According to the spirit of the document of the Municipal Committee's Propaganda Department on strengthening the environmental publicity of environmental protection laws and regulations, the Party Committee of our center attaches great importance to implementation at all levels. Starting from the Party Committee, the hospital and department levels have carefully organized cadres and employees to carry out centralized learning of environmental protection laws and regulations to be familiar Know and resolutely implement. 8 15 日,还在医院大门处组织开展了环保法规宣传和义诊活动。 On this basis, on August 15th , the center also organized the promotion of environmental protection laws and regulations and free clinic activities at the gate of the hospital. Vigorously promote environmental protection knowledge through the distribution of publicity materials, display of publicity displays, and display of slogans on electronic screens, and call on everyone to contribute to the protection of the environment. 80 余份,为群众测量血压、提供义诊及咨询服务等 100 余人。 During the event, more than 80 publicity materials on environmental protection laws and regulations were distributed , and more than 100 people measured blood pressure and provided free consultation and consultation services .