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Municipal Gender Planning Center Held a Coordination Meeting for the Standard Disposal of Medical Wastewater

Release time: 2017-08-21 Views: 1031

8 10 日,市妇计中心组织召开了医疗废物废水规范处置工作协调会,会议由副院长赵坤年主持,相关职能科室负责人参会。 On August 10 , 2017 , the Municipal Gender Planning Center organized a coordination meeting for the standardized disposal of medical waste water. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Dean Zhao Kunnian, and the heads of relevant functional departments participated.

The conference conveyed the spirit of the city ’s health care system environmental protection interview, conducted a special study on the treatment of medical waste and wastewater in our hospital, and put forward rectification measures for existing problems. At the same time, a special working group for the treatment of medical waste and wastewater was set up to be responsible for environmental protection inspection and supervision of the implementation of medical waste rectification measures, further improved the medical waste management rules and regulations and related information, and coordinated and standardized the medical waste disposal process and labeling.

, 赵坤年副院长及党委副书记向绍云一行进行了现场调研,结合现场实际调整细化了整改措施,认真贯彻落实了医疗机构医疗废物处置的规范条例及要求。 After the meeting , Deputy Director Zhao Kunnian and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Xiang Shaoyun and his party conducted on-site investigations, refined the rectification measures based on the actual adjustments on the site, and seriously implemented the regulations and requirements for the disposal of medical waste in medical institutions. As of press time, all rectification measures have been put in place.