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City Women's Planning Center Accepts Environmental Inspection by Health Planning Commission

Release time: 2017-08-21 Views: 1444

2017 8 10 ,市卫计委田卫副主任带领市卫生执法监督支队相关负责人,在我中心分管副院长赵坤年及职能科室负责人陪同下,对中心医疗废物、污水处理站等地进行了逐项检查。 In order to meet the national environmental protection inspection, on August 10 , 2017 , Deputy Director Tian Wei of the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission led the relevant persons in charge of the Municipal Health Law Enforcement Supervision Detachment, accompanied by Zhao Kunnian, the deputy dean of our center and the person in charge of the functional department, to the central medical center. Items such as waste and sewage treatment stations were inspected item by item.

At the inspection site, Deputy Director Tian Wei and his party put forward more reasonable rectification suggestions for the standardized construction of medical waste collection vehicles and tool cleaning and disinfection points in our center. Understand the situation.

After the inspection, the leaders of the center attached great importance and immediately made arrangements for the existing problems. They required further improvement of related supporting facilities and equipment to ensure that the medical waste and sewage treatment standards were met. Relevant departments have worked overtime for rectification, and all rectification tasks have been completed.