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City Maternal and Child Health Hospital held a special democratic life meeting for the team

Release time: 2014-08-21 Views: 1249

On the morning of August 21st, after careful preparation in the early stage, and in accordance with the unified arrangement of the Office of Mass Education and Practice Activities of the Party Committee of the Bureau, the special democratic life meeting of the leadership team of the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital was successfully held. The meeting was chaired by Comrade Zhao You, Secretary of the Party Committee and Dean of the hospital. Comrade Leader of the Municipal Health Bureau, Comrade Zhong Zhongjun, Deputy Director of the Municipal Health Bureau, Comrade Liu Shaohong, Deputy Leader of the Supervision Group of the Municipal Health Bureau, and Director of the Supervision Office of the Bureau attended the meeting. At the meeting, the heads of the Party Discipline Office, the Academy Office and the Personnel Section attended the meeting.

At the meeting, on behalf of the court, Comrade Zhao You read the "leaders' inspection materials". The inspection materials centered on observing the party's political discipline and implementing the "Eight Regulations" of the central government. The analysis of the cause of the "four winds" problem, the direction of future efforts and improvement measures are described in four aspects. Then the members of the team closely linked their thinking, work, and real life, and made a control check one by one. Everyone focused on the issue of the "Four Winds", and examined the root causes of the problem from the perspectives of the world, life, and values, seriously conducted criticism and self-criticism, and put forward rectification measures based on the analysis of the investigation.

Comrade Liu Shaohong commented on the meeting, thinking that the Municipal Maternity and Child Health Hospital attached great importance to the theme of democratic life, prepared well before the meeting, and carried out criticism and self-criticism. The members of the team had a correct attitude and dared to expose short and bright ugliness, which touched the soul. It has also enhanced solidarity, demonstrated leadership, adhered to problem orientation, implemented the spirit of rectification, played a role in raising awareness, helping comrades, and improving work style. It is a high-quality democratic life meeting. He put forward four requirements for the next step: first, continue to strengthen learning, strengthen the sense of purpose and professionalism. The second is to combine reality and implement rectification, so that the masses can truly feel the effects brought about by educational practices. The third is perseverance, and always pay attention to the construction of style; the fourth is to combine the actual situation of maternal and child health work, and insist on two-handed and two-promotion.

Deputy Director Kuang Zhongjun made an important speech. He believes that the members of the leadership team of the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital are in place for personal inspection and analysis, and some comrades have deeply reflected on their own problems. The members of the team criticized each other in depth and were very pertinent. Everyone can sincerely accept the opinions and suggestions put forward by others, so that their faces will not change. He made three suggestions for the next work of the court. The first is to establish regulations and establish and improve long-term mechanisms; the second is to strengthen supervision to ensure that rectification measures are implemented; the third is to use party building as a starting point to promote the organic integration of the results of activities with the daily work of the hospital.

In the end, Comrade Zhao You stated that under the careful guidance of the Party Committee's leadership, this democratic life will become an objective, pragmatic, soul-seeking, and effective meeting, and indeed let every member of the team "look in the mirror and sweat, Blushing, finding the shortcomings ", alerting to his inaction or inaction. Our institute will work out the high-quality rectification plan in the "reform, implementation and establishment of chapters and regulations" section, strive to solve the problems of the "four winds" of the team and each member, and effectively change the work style and expand education practice The actual results of the activities led cadres and staff of the hospital to work hard and make due contributions to the hospital's leapfrog development and to improve the development level of the city's maternal and child health services.

Party Office / Wentu

August 21, 2014

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