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City Maternity and Child Health Hospital organizes a viewing of the 20th anniversary of the Soviet Union ’s death

Release time: 2014-04-11 Views: 2984

After leaving work on the afternoon of April 10 and 11, the party committee of the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital organized a total of 72 middle-level and above leading cadres and in-service party members in batches, and watched the "20 Years Sacrifice of the Dead of the Soviet Union-Russians Are Telling" Education documentary. This documentary uses a large amount of historical documents and personal stories to show the causes and consequences of the "Great Tragedy of the Century", before and after the stage, and profoundly reveals that the world ’s first socialist country fell apart and quickly collapsed overnight. History lessons.
By watching the documentary, the majority of party members and cadres have received a vivid warning education, which has strengthened the sense of urgency and mission of carrying out the party's mass line education and practice activities. Party members have said that as a party member, they must absorb the painful education of the Soviet Union and the country, cherish and consciously maintain the hard-won good situation, strengthen the ideals and beliefs of communism, and maintain the advancedness and purity of the party members. Constantly enhance the awareness of politics, responsibility and crisis; to actively participate in the party's mass line education and practice activities, always remember the Communists' purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, we must start from ourselves, from now on, and firmly establish the perspective of the masses, Go deep into the masses and the grassroots, and sincerely solve the problems for the masses; study hard, strengthen the cultivation of the party spirit and style, strive to improve the ability to serve the masses, further increase the masses ’satisfaction with medical services, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of hospitals and maternal and child health services.
Contributed by Yang Chunrong, Party Office
April 11, 2014