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Outpatient Party Branch of Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Shenzhen City held a special theory of organizing conferences, discussing experiences, finding problems, and promoting rectification

Release time: 2014-04-10 Views: 1322

At 5 pm on April 9th, during the off-hours, the outpatient party branch of the City Maternal and Child Health Hospital organized a special study and discussion meeting in accordance with the party's party line education practice activities. All party members and party activists totaled 17 People participated in the meeting, and the branch contacted the leader and Comrade Xiang Shaoyun, the deputy secretary of the party committee of the academy, to attend the meeting for study and guidance.
The branch secretary Gui Renwu led everyone to focus on studying the important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the first batch of the second batch of Party ’s mass line education and practical work conferences, as well as the "Xinhuanet" feature article "Future Exam for the Future" A deep theoretical education class for everyone.
Organized by the secretary to re-learn the important content related to the party's mass line education and practice program of the Party Committee of the Academy, and shared her learning experience, she emphasized that everyone should further understand the great practical significance of carrying out the party's mass line education and practice activities and its significance The importance and urgency, understand that at this stage our Communist Party members, especially party members and cadres, must shoulder the heavy responsibility of the times. Therefore, we must always reflect on ourselves, drink water, and live in peace, and always put the people in the most important position in our hearts. Think about the problem from the perspective of the patient, find the problem, rectify the problem, practically and honestly for the people, and consciously resist the "four winds" problem in work and life.
Participants engaged in lively discussions on topics such as "how to go to the hospital along the mass line", "how do we improve our style" and "how to treat the doctor-patient relationship". Everyone connected theory with practice, exchanged learning experiences, and learned from outpatient medical service measures, In terms of service process, service quality, inter-department coordination, department management and hospital development, etc., find problems, check the source, and put forward a total of 17 suggestions. Everyone has said that in the party's mass line education practice activities, outpatient clinics are the front-line service window department, and quality service is the key. Comrades of the party must lead by example, lead by example, continuously study hard, enhance service awareness, change work style, and optimize service. The process is the first step to improve the patient's benign medical experience, and to make a good start and pave the way to promote doctor-patient harmony.
Gui Renwu Contribution / Photo
April 10, 2014

Branch contact leaders and deputy secretary of the Party Committee Xiang Shaoyun provided study and guidance

Guirenwu, the secretary of the branch