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Test for the future

Release time: 2014-04-03 Views: 1390

Xinhuanet, Beijing, March 23 (Reporters Li Congjun, Zhao Cheng and Li Keyong)

Today, 65 years ago-March 23, 1949, Xibaipo, a special historical node.

In front of the adobe house, under the old locust tree, grasping the reluctant parents and fellow citizens, Mao Zedong led the CPC Central Committee to leave for Peiping.

The spring breeze is steep, and the sun is flowing. With a smile on his face, Mao Zedong waved his hand: "Just go to Beijing to take the exam!"

On July 11, 2013, both Xibaipo was also an important historical node.

Standing in front of the site of the September conference, Xi Jinping looked dignified and looked through history. At this time, China is at a critical stage of building a well-off society in an all-round way and realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Facing history and the future, he once again raised the question of "rushing to the exam": "We must continue to take the people's examinations of our party, the examinations that our party is undergoing and will undergo various tests, and strive to produce excellent answers!"

Catch the test and continue. At the new historical starting point, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary launched a mass line education practice activity. Xi Jinping took Hebei Province, where Xibaipo is located, as the first contact point for educational practice activities, deepened the actual situation, guided the work, and pushed the party's educational practice activities to expand in depth.

At the same time, Li Keqiang, Zhang Dejiang, Yu Zhengsheng, Liu Yunshan, Wang Qishan, and Zhang Gaoli from other members of the Politburo Standing Committee visited Guangxi, Jiangsu, Gansu, Zhejiang, Heilongjiang, and Sichuan to guide educational activities.

This is a "rush test" that spans history and faces the future.

An operation of spiritual baptism was carried out quickly and deeply in the land of China.

Recently, the reporter went to Hebei and returned to visit General Secretary Xi Jinping to guide the process of carrying out mass line education and practice activities in Hebei Province. He felt the great changes this activity has brought to the land of Yan Zhao, and felt the magnificent answer that our party is writing in the new era.

Question one: Is the "main switch" tightened tightly?

Strengthening ideals and convictions, and effectively solving the "general switch" problem of world outlook, outlook on life, and values. Ideal and conviction is the spiritual "calcium" of the Communists. Without ideal and conviction, if the ideal and conviction is not firm, the spirit will be "calcium-deficient" and will get "chondrosis". The "main switch" problem has not been solved properly. In this way, it is inevitable that such derailments cross the border and run away.

——Xi Jinping

With ideals, there is a living soul.

Without faith, the dam will collapse.

Xi Jinping vividly described the beliefs of the Communists as the "main switch".

On the way to the exam, this became the first test question in educational practice.

Facing all kinds of temptations and challenges, Xi Jinping called on all Communist Party members to "adhere to the lofty beliefs and cultivate the body of King Kong."

The land of Yan Zhao, a man of generous tragedy since ancient times.

In the history of modern revolution, generations of Communists nurtured this land with blood.

In the spring of 1927, cold air hit people.

Under the gigantic gallows, Li Dazhao's gaze was calm and calm as usual: "You can't hang great communism just because you hanged me today!"

A communist fell, and thousands of successors rose up to illuminate the Divine Land.

Xi Jinping pointed out: "In the history of our party for more than 90 years, generations of Communists, in pursuit of national independence and people's liberation, have spared blood and sacrifices, relying on a belief and an ideal."

It is precisely because of belief that during the revolution, Communists sang "It does n’t matter if the beheading is true, as long as the truth is true." It is because of faith that in peaceful times, Communists "have the people in their hearts but have no oneself" and bow to the fullest; Beliefs, the Communists led the Chinese nation, from a century of decline to national rejuvenation.

Xi Jinping said: "Our party is now over 90 years old, and is about to enter a century. A political party, like a person, is the most precious thing to go through the vicissitudes of life, but also has a heart of a child."

The lack of ideals and beliefs is the source of all diseases.

Xi Jinping pointed out that if the Communists' ambitious goals are lost, they will lose their way, become successful utilitarians, pragmatists, and finally lose their will, pursue a philosophy of life that is timely and happy, and even produce the idea that "people do not take themselves for granted."