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Basic Information

Name: Kept
Alternate names: Kept VR
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Story Overview

Kept is a journey between worlds to free a forsaken soul.

By awakening a forbidden ritual, you discover a path to take back what has passed, but as you search between worlds you learn to accept that what’s taken from death is not easily kept.

Immerse yourself in a spiritual adventure, of fantastical landscapes and reflective soundscapes to explore what ritual can teach us about holding on and letting go.

Experience Overview

Kept is a virtual reality journey to free a forsaken soul, that explores the path we take when others pass.

S1T2 presents an experience built exclusively for virtual reality where visitors explore mythical new worlds by physically manoeuvring down grand rivers, crawl through ancient caves and scale towering obelisks.

Featuring fantastical environments and reflective soundscapes Kept delivers an immersive experience of self discovery where you are the story.


Kept explores the path we take when others pass.


Kept will immerse the player in physical based puzzles that help develop the story. Actions are inspired by innate human interactions with the natural environment, for example, we took a lot of inspiration from the action of catching a butterfly. Players are encouraged to explore their environment – looking through holes, brushing aside leaves or perhaps even jumping into deep chasms.


Kept is S1T2’s first virtual reality game experience in collaboration with students from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE). S1T2 is a creative technology production team who tell stories with new innovative technologies.

Production Team

  • Jack Condon
  • Stephen O’Callaghan
  • Inge Berman
  • Eve Burchfield
  • Ben Romalis
  • Tash Tan
  • Jananthan Kandasamy
  • Chris Panzetta
  • Liam Stephens

Technical Specifications

  • Unreal Engine 4
  • NVidia VR Works
  • Maya
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • 3D Coat

Concept Art & Screenshots