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[2018-07-04] Health guards walked into township health centers to preach breastfeeding knowledge and skills [2018-07-04]

On the morning of July 3rd, Lu Yanmin, the head of the health education department of Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and his party came to the Pok Oi Health Center in the suburbs of Wucheng District to preach breastfeeding knowledge and skills for the staff and novice mothers in the area. "What is good for a baby?" "Why breastfeeding?" "What are the benefits of breastfeeding?" "How to handle milk up?" "How to milk and save?" ... Ms. Lu will encounter many clinical questions about Breastfeeding knowledge

[2018-07-04] City Maternity Center launched special training on "three medical supervisions" [2018-07-04]

In order to actively promote the "three medical supervisions" of Sichuan Health and Family Planning Commission, comprehensively improve the level of hospital management, effectively regulate the behavior of medical services, and improve the quality of medical services, on the afternoon of July 4, the Municipal Maternity and Family Planning Center organized a study on the 6th floor of the Academic Department. The special business training meeting "Relying on the supervision of three doctors to standardize the diagnosis and treatment behavior" specially invited Ms. Wang Wenying, a medical quality management expert from Mianyang City, the director of the medical department of the central hospital, and the chief physician of the pediatric department to give lectures. Training session by Chen Fang

[2018-07-04] Gynecology and Family Planning Center of the People's Republic of China Launches 2018 Medical Ethics Training [2018-07-04]

In order to further strengthen the construction of medical ethics and medical ethics in our center, raise the consciousness of responsibility, service and integrity of the practice of cadres and staff in the center. On the afternoon of July 4, our center organized a special education training on medical ethics and medical style in the academic hall on the sixth floor. This lecture was lectured by Zhang Qin, the chief of the discipline inspection and supervision department. There were nearly 200 staff in the clinical, medical technology and functional departments of the hospital. Attend training. The lecture focused on the connotation of medical ethics, the importance of the construction of medical ethics, and the medical ethics of our center

One plan, one expectation, one promise! [2018-07-02]

On the morning of June 30, Mana, a midwife in the delivery room of the City Maternal and Child Health Hospital, received a call. A mother with a second child named Tian had an outbreak at home. After examination, the maternal opening of the uterine uterus has opened 3cm and needs to be transferred to the hospital as soon as possible. On the way to the hospital, Ms. Tian stuffed a piece of paper with Mana and informed her that this was her own delivery preferences and schedule. I hope the hospital can help her to

[2018-07-02] Mianyang City Maternal and Child Health Hospital child care doctor came to campus to preach love knowledge [2018-07-02]

On the evening of July 1, Ms. Liao Xiaoyu, a doctor and sister of Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital, came to Mianyang Yucai School and gave a health lecture entitled "Primary School Students' Eyes and Eye Care Knowledge" to more than 100 students in Grade 1. Teacher Liao first let the children know and understand their eyes through the animated film "The Structure of Eyeballs" that children love to see, and then told the children how to take care of their eyes and protect their eyes through easy-to-understand knowledge lectures. Let the children be real

[2018-07-02] Pay attention to growth, pay attention to the future: City Women's Insurance Hospital conducts free child growth consultation activities [2018-07-02]

In order to help parents to early detect, intervene, and treat the problems encountered by children during their adolescence, the city's Maternal and Child Health Hospital launched a free clinic on the front square of the hospital, focusing on growth and the future. He Chengchuan (Chief Physician), Deputy Director of Pediatrics and Chief of the New Screening Division, took the lead in "sit" and answered questions for parents who came to the consultation. The two-hour on-site free clinic activity attracted nearly a hundred consultants to measure height, measure weight, map height,

[2018-06-14] Our hospital conducts "three bases and three strict" training in various forms [2018-06-14]

In order to ensure the effective implementation of the core system of medical quality and safety, standardize the behavior of diagnosis and treatment, and improve the level of medical and health services, in the afternoon of June 14th, our hospital simultaneously broadcasted the "Essentials of 18 core systems of medical quality" sponsored by the China Europe International Hospital Management Center And Case Interpretation Advanced Training Course ", nearly 200 professional and technical personnel in the hospital watched this training course through multimedia simultaneously. This training course was taught by Professor Fan Rong from Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung Hospital.

Early detection, early intervention, early treatment, and being a health guardian of "high-risk children"! [2018-06-14]

In order to further optimize the medical service process and enhance the patient's medical experience, our hospital recently moved the neonatal neurobehavioral measurement project to the neonatal ward through the multi-disciplinary collaboration of the Child Health Department, the Pediatric Clinical Department and the Information Department. The integrated service of inspection and outpatient hospitalization charges not only saves the waiting time for parents, but also ensures the timeliness and effectiveness of the assessment results, thereby achieving an integrated system for high-risk children from hospitalization to discharge follow-up.

[2018-06-14] Emphasis on research and practical results——Tian Wei, deputy director of the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, and Du Jiyu, director of the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital, investigate and guide county and district maternal and child health plans ...

In order to implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Jinping's inspection visit to Sichuan and the spirit of Secretary Peng Qinghua's investigation and investigation, according to the requirements of the "big study, big discussion, big survey" activity, on June 8, 11, and 12, Tian Wei, deputy director of the Planning Commission, and Du Jiyu, president of the City Maternal and Child Health Hospital, visited the maternity and child health institutions of Anzhou District, Zijing County, and Yanting County for three consecutive days to investigate and guide the work of maternal and child health family planning. In the Anzhou District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Du Jiyushen

[2018-06-05] Our hospital holds 2018 academic month activities and maternal and child health skills competition [2018-06-05]

In order to comprehensively improve the quality and level of maternal and child health services in our hospital, and strengthen the collaborative ability of the obstetrics and pediatrics team for treatment services, the afternoon of June 4th and 5th consecutively, the 2018 academic month activities and maternal and child health skills competition of our hospital were held as scheduled. A total of 53 players from 11 clinical teams, clinics, and medical technology departments participated in the competition. The competition is divided into two parts, the theoretical knowledge assessment and the skill operation competition. Among them, the skill operation game is divided into adult cardiopulmonary complex