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Mianyang City builds the first children's hospital! More than 40 health care experts on-site free health consultation! [2019-12-31]

The white and brown 10-storey building stands in front of you, and the spacious and bright outpatient hall is in sight. After more than two years of intensive preparations, the highly anticipated Children's Hospital of Mianyang City has emerged from scratch, standing up from the ground, standing in a rapidly developing High-tech Zone. On the morning of December 31, the inauguration ceremony and large-scale free clinic of Mianyang Children's Hospital was held in Shiqiaopu, High-tech Zone. Tao Zheng, Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, Yuan Chengjun, Deputy Director Tian Wei, Pan Weidong, Li Xiaolin, Gao

[2019-12-28] City Maternal and Child Health Hospital medical volunteers went to child care institutions to preach the knowledge of "pediatric massage" [2019-12-28]

In the afternoon of December 26, at a time when children ’s respiratory diseases are high in the winter, in order to raise the awareness of scientific parenting among children ’s parents, medical volunteers from Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital went to Dongchen Experimental Kindergarten of Science and Technology Park to conduct a special knowledge lecture on “pediatric massage” , To popularize kindergarten parents and friends in scientific childcare health knowledge and home care tips. "My child always has colds repeatedly. Is there a good way to prevent it?" "What should I do if my child has colds repeatedly?

[2019-12-28] Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital This "breast-conserving angel" has won praise from patients again [2019-12-28]

"Thank you for your superb medical skills and praise." Zhu Hong, deputy director of the Department of Breast Health Care, added another pennant to the wall of the outpatient office. This pennant comes from Ms. Zhao who has just recovered. Ms. Zhao, 32, is the mother of a 3-year-old baby. One year ago, an egg-sized mass was found in the right breast, which was diagnosed as chronic purulent mastitis in the right breast. This type of disease is a recurrent chronic refractory inflammation. Ms. Zhao went around for more than 3 months

[2019-12-27] Municipal Women's Insurance Hospital conducts emergency treatment drills for critically pregnant women, newborns and occupational exposure [2019-12-27]

In order to further improve the ability and level of emergency treatment for pregnant women and newborns, ensure the safety of mothers and infants, and improve the awareness rate and disposal capacity of emergency treatment procedures and measures for occupational exposure, at 5 pm on December 27, Mianyang Women's Insurance Hospital launched Rehabilitation of critically ill pregnant women, critically ill newborns and emergency treatment of occupational exposure. The deputy director Ren Jing served as the chief commander, the medical department planned and coordinated the nursing department, the hospital's sensing department, the obstetrics department, the anesthesia operating room, and the freshmen.

[2019-12-26] Mayor Yuan Fang and his team made a field survey of Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital [2019-12-26]

On the afternoon of December 25, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Yuan Fang came to Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital for field investigation. Deputy Mayor Jiang Liying and Secretary-General of the Municipal Government Wu Mingyu accompanied the investigation, accompanied by Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital Du Jiyu . Mayor Yuan and his party visited the construction site of the Children's Hospital of Mianyang City and the Linyuan District of the City Maternal and Child Health Hospital. Mianyang Children's Hospital is a national child medical service system construction project, a provincial and municipal key project, and an important people's livelihood.

[2019-12-26] Municipal Women's Insurance Hospital actively implement the national "4 + 7" policy of centralized drug procurement to benefit the people [2019-12-26]

In accordance with the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, in order to expand the reform effect of the state-organized centralized procurement and use of drugs (hereinafter referred to as "4 + 7"), reduce the burden of drug use by the masses, improve the drug price formation mechanism, and expand the regional scope of centralized drug purchase and use Work progressed gradually. After the implementation of the policy, the Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital quickly linked to form a leading group, platform purchase ordering, storage of selected drugs, system price adjustment ... After intensive preparations

Notes from operating room nurses: This is the comfort we "pad" with love! [2019-12-23]

On the afternoon of December 11, the anesthesia operating room received a phone call from a gynecological outpatient doctor, informing him that there is a patient who will undergo a repair operation tomorrow, and needs to be placed in a special position-"thoracic knee position". I hope that the operating room can assist with positioning. Because this "special posture" was rarely used in surgery before, put down the phone, the head nurse immediately called the department staff to discuss how to place and use. The chest and knees have a high center of gravity and poor stability, which not only prevents patients from undergoing surgery

[2019-12-23] Learning business skills to ensure the safety of mothers and babies-2019 Mianyang City Grassroots Women and Children's Health Skills Competition successfully concluded [2019-12-23]

In order to further improve the quality and level of maternal and child health services in the city and ensure the safety of mothers and children and the health of women and children, the city's maternal and child health skills competition sponsored by the Mianyang Municipal Health and Health Committee and hosted by the Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital was successfully held on December 20, Selected, a total of 33 teams from each county and city participated in the final. The competition set up two items for postpartum hemorrhage rescue and newborn resuscitation. At the same time, two groups were set up at the county level and the township level to compete. through

[2019-12-23] Establishing a Hospital Security Line—Our Hospital Organizes Winter Fire Fighting Exercises [2019-12-23]

In order to further enhance the fire safety awareness of medical staff and improve the ability of employees to deal with fires in the emergency, on the morning of December 21, our hospital organized logistics, medical care, medical technology and other department staff on the 6th floor platform to launch a "prevention-oriented, combination of prevention and elimination" "Themed winter fire fighting exercises. Before the drill, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission Gu Xuebing emphasized in the mobilization speech that safety is no small matter. The hospital is a densely populated place and a key unit of fire safety. Fire safety is a hospital safety

[2019-12-19] Mianyang City's 2019 appropriate training course for obstetrics and pediatrics was successfully held [2019-12-19]

On the morning of December 19th, the Sichuan Continuing Medical Education Project-Postpartum Bleeding Symposium and Mianyang City 2019 Childbirth Appropriate Technology Training Course were held in the Multifunctional Academic Hall on the 9th floor of the Outpatient Complex Building of Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital. A total of nearly 200 people from maternity and child health institutions engaged in obstetrics and related professional medical, midwifery and nursing staff attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Pu Rong, deputy director of the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital. Du Ji, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital