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[2013-03-12] Municipal Women's Insurance Hospital held a new mid-level cadre meeting [2013-03-12]

After democratic procedures such as personal self-recommendation, mass recommendation, competitive speeches, and party committee collective discussions, the middle-level cadres of the city's maternity and child care hospitals were successfully elected. On March 11, the day when the new cadre was hired, the party committee of the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital organized a meeting of all middle-level cadres. The secretary of the party committee and the dean, Zhao You, informed the relevant situation of the cadre change, How cadres can change their work style and earnestly fulfill their duties has raised earnest hope and strict requirements. He is strong

[2013-03-04] Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Shenzhen City held "Caring for Pregnant Mothers" Volunteer Service Activity [2013-03-04]

As the "March 8th" Women's Day is approaching, the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital held a volunteer service activity for caring pregnant mothers on the morning of March 2. The theme of this event was “Caring for the Health of Pregnant Mothers”, which attracted more than 200 pregnant mothers' families, with a total of nearly 400 people participating. In this presentation, Dr. Wang He, a gynecologist and obstetrics expert at the Women's Health Hospital of the city, and the chief lecturer of the school for pregnant women, was invited to bring you a lecture on "nutrition and eugenics during pregnancy".

[2013-02-05] City Maternal and Child Health Hospital Innovated Annual Assessment Method and Increased Cadre Assessment [2013-02-05]

Combining with the requirements and arrangements for the annual assessment of the Mianyang Municipal Human and Social Affairs Bureau and the Mianyang Municipal Health Bureau, the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital has recently carried out an annual assessment of the 2012 leadership team, middle-level cadres and employees in an innovative form, in addition to including middle-level cadres with the leadership team and In addition to the team members' performance review and assessment, the party branch's participation in the annual assessment of the staff of the department is another highlight of the annual assessment. The active participation of party members and employees has been widely promoted, and the cadre assessment has been strengthened.

[2013-02-05] Maternal and Child Health Hospital of the City of China again on the eve of the Spring Festival, special staff condolences [2013-02-05]

On February 5, 2013, the second day of Lichun, Vice President Bi Yu led a team to go to families, communities, and hospitals to carry out special staff and family sympathy activities such as assisting cadres, the disabled, and retiring low income. This is another important "our festival" event following the sympathy exercise for retired veteran cadres and veteran party members launched by the party committee of the hospital. For a long time, special workers and families such as aid cadres, disabled persons, and low-retirement incomes have received great attention and attention from the party committee of the academy. In the Spring Festival

[2013-01-06] Suggestions and suggestions to do a good job of party building and brainstorming for development [2013-01-06]

The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has clearly put forward a requirement to comprehensively improve the scientific level of party building. In order to implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and vigorously promote party building in our hospital, the Party Committee of the Municipal Women's Insurance Institute organized a "Party Building Work Symposium" on January 6. Meeting ", members of the party committee of the academy, secretary of each branch and branch committee, person in charge of the Youth League organization and representatives of cadres and workers attended the meeting. All grass-roots organizations summarized the work of party building and group missions last year, and put forward plans and suggestions for this year's work.

[2013-01-05] Hospitals join hands to create a new splendor of Mianyang Maternal and Child Health [2013-01-05]

Recently, in the city's maternal and child health care system, in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the party's 18th National Congress, and striving to create a new situation in leapfrog development, the city's six second-level and above maternal and child health care institutions, hospital leaders and related functional department leaders totaled more than 90 Held a forum to discuss the development of maternal and child health services. Zhang Bing, the deputy director of the Municipal Health Bureau, attended the meeting to give guidance, and the director of the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital Zhao You chaired the meeting. Dean Zhao You first informed the city's maternal and child health institutions