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Municipal Women's Insurance Hospital conducts emergency treatment drills for critically pregnant women, newborns and occupational exposure

Release time: 2019-12-27 Views: 131

In order to further improve the ability and level of emergency treatment of pregnant women and newborns, ensure the safety of mothers and infants, and improve the awareness and disposal capacity of emergency treatment procedures and measures for occupational exposure, at 5 pm on December 27, Mianyang Women's Insurance Hospital launched Rehabilitation of critically ill pregnant women, critically ill newborns and emergency treatment of occupational exposure.


The deputy director Ren Jing was the chief commander, the medical department planned and coordinated the nursing department, the hospital's sensing department, the obstetrics department, the anesthesia operating room, the neonatal department, the emergency department, the blood transfusion department, the ultrasound department, the inspection department, the pharmacy department, Thirteen departments, including the Duty and Security Section, joined forces.

The scene of the exercise truly restored the critical situation of a pregnant woman suffering from premature delivery, intrauterine distress, neonatal asphyxia, and postpartum hemorrhage.


From the patient's home, call the emergency call in our hospital, to the pre-hospital emergency, the transfer of critically pregnant women, emergency surgery, request for reports, doctor-patient communication, and then to the relevant departments for consultation, implementation of rescue and occupational exposure treatment of medical staff, the medical staff was not surprised, Properly handled, the entire rescue came in one go, fully showing our hospital's multidisciplinary collaboration ability in emergency situations.


After the exercise, the deputy director Ren Jing organized the relevant department heads to discuss the problems that occurred during the exercise, and discussed the green emergency channel of the hospital, in-hospital consultation, treatment skills, occupational protection, organizational coordination, doctor-patient communication, emergency supplies, and On-site reviews were made in areas such as drug configuration.


Combined with this exercise, she put forward requirements for future emergency and emergency work: I hope that the whole hospital will carefully check the problems for this exercise, find weak links, sum up experience, strengthen awareness of micro-prevention, and continuously improve multidisciplinary collaboration and emergency treatment. Ability to ensure mother and child safety.