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Market research announcement on sporadic addition of non-wall-mounted and non-cabinet air conditioners

Release time: 2019-12-25 Views: 210

Due to the sporadic maintenance and modification needs of our hospital, it is planned to add a few non-wall-mounted and non-cabinet air conditioners. The market research needs are now:

1. This market research project is publicly released on the official website of Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital (provided free download) for qualified potential suppliers to come to participate in market research.

Second, the market research period: December 25, 2019-December 27, 2019. During market research, all potential suppliers are requested to submit information to the General Affairs Section of our hospital on working days.

3. Market research plan and requirements (see Annex 1)

4. Provide a true and complete qualification certificate (guarantee the authenticity of the various materials and certification materials provided, bear the corresponding legal responsibilities, and bind in the following order):
1. Cover (specify project name, company name, contact person, contact phone number, and stamp company seal)
2. Business license or three-in-one business license (copy, photocopy)
3. Tax certificate (copy of national and local taxes, photocopy)
4. Organization code certificate (copy, photocopy)
5. With independent legal person qualifications, bidders participating in the bidding must have the service qualifications for the corresponding project.
6. Power of attorney of the manager, a copy of the legal person's and manager's ID card.
7. Quality Assurance
8. Project implementation plan (including quotation)

9. Back cover

V. Other instructions:
1. Prepare the market research report on A4 paper according to the requirements and the actual situation, and compile the market research report strictly in accordance with the binding order of Article 5 above;
2. All information provided must be stamped;

3. Special statement: Due to the limitations of market understanding, the public procurement requirements are only used as a reference for hospital market research. There is no targeted, biased, discriminatory. If there is any incompleteness, please understand and pay attention to the above. Project purchasing dynamics.

6. Submission of market research report: Workdays from 08:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 17:30 during the survey period, which will be sent to the General Affairs Section of Mianyang Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Service Center
No. 6 Huayuan East Street, Mianyang City

Contact: Teacher Yin Phone: 13458326111

Annex 1. Market research plan and demand
Project name, procurement of non-wall-mounted or non-cabinet air conditioners
1. Project address: 6 Huayuan East Street, Mianyang City
2. Basic project requirements: According to the installation conditions such as room size 701 on the 7th floor and the size of the lobby on the 1st floor, and the location of the outdoor unit, determine the model and consumables, and complete the air-conditioning installation.
3. Quotation requirements: Because this project is for the supply and installation of maintenance and reformative equipment, the installation conditions need to be surveyed on site. Please quote after the site survey. The quotation lists the names, unit prices, specifications, and quantities of the main equipment and auxiliary materials of the air conditioner reported. The quotation includes labor costs, material costs, installation costs, corporate management costs, profits, regulations, taxes, etc. to complete the entire cost of the project.
4. Acceptance requirements: meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, industry norms, meet clinical use and obtain the signature and consent of the person in charge of the use department.
5. Planned construction period: 3 calendar days after the contract is signed.