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Notes from operating room nurses: This is the comfort we "pad" with love!

Release time: 2019-12-23 Views: 216

On the afternoon of December 11, the anesthesia operating room received a phone call from a gynecological outpatient doctor, informing him that there is a patient who will undergo a repair operation tomorrow, and needs to be placed in a special position-"thoracic knee position". I hope that the operating room can assist with positioning. Because this "special posture" was rarely used in surgery before, put down the phone, the head nurse immediately called the department staff to discuss how to place and use.


The chest and knee lying position has a high center of gravity and poor stability. It is not only difficult to prevent the patient from falling during surgery and to avoid compression of the skin, blood vessels and nerves at the joints, but also to maintain stable breathing and circulation during the operation. In the limited condition that the department has not yet purchased a prone position cushion, how to reduce the risk to the patient due to improper position placement and improve comfort? With this series of questions, everyone decided to enter the operating room for a live "transposition" experience.

The nurse in the operating room, Tang Rong, put forward a method of laying 3000ml of saline on the bed and placing a cloth on the upper layer. Because she was about the same height and weight as the patient Aunt Yang, she personally experienced: "The cloth is a bit hard, and the chest and abdomen are affected. Pressure, no! "

The anesthesiologist Xianyu came to the same experience and came to the same conclusion: "The angle of this cushion is too large, the hips need to be raised, and the chest is low, which will lead to increased chest pressure and airway pressure. There is a risk of anesthesia. Try it with a quilt? "

Teacher Tan Yulan found that the patient Aunt Yang had cervical spondylosis when she looked through the medical records, so she put forward another idea: "We used a surgical bed pad, one pad together, four hips, two chests, suspended in the middle, and a small quilt on the upper layer. The three head circles are stacked stepwise, and the neck is supported as much as possible, so that the placement is comfortable and the height can be adjusted. "This proposal has been unanimously approved, and everyone is ready to try again. Everyone took turns to experience, until the feeling of hard discomfort completely disappeared, and finally decided the position placement plan for surgery.


On the day of the surgery, Aunt Yang entered the operating room in advance to perform a test bed, and we continued to adjust the details based on Aunt Yang's feelings. After anesthesia, she put protective pads on her hips and knees. The nurse, Tang Rong, also made a "water sac" and put it on Aunt Yang's ankle to relieve her discomfort.


This position placement has also been praised frequently by the chief surgeon. During the operation, everyone was still afraid to relax their vigilance, and asked Aunt Yang for discomfort from time to time. After the operation was successfully completed, we saw that Aunt Yang's skin was not red, and we were finally relieved.

This time, we raised a height with love, a height that makes the patient safe, comfortable and warm!

After the operation, Auntie Yang held my hand and said happily, "The operation is smoother than I thought! I thought it would be uncomfortable, but I didn't expect that the chest and abdomen were very soft. I didn't know I was asleep, thanks It is your intentions that make me feel so at ease. "

After this special posture placement, I deeply understand that people are not a team, but hearts are a team, and hearts are united to truly achieve 1 + 1> 2.

As a nurse in the operating room, facing different challenges, we must face up to the difficulties and make every effort to actively cooperate with the doctors and the integration of medical treatment and care to ensure the successful completion of each operation. While possessing strong technology, love is also very important. Although the surgical instruments are cold, the heart of our medical staff is fiery!