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Learning business skills to ensure the safety of mothers and babies-2019 Mianyang City grassroots women and children health skills competition successfully concluded

Release time: 2019-12-23 Views: 350

In order to further improve the quality and level of maternal and child health services in the city and ensure the safety of mothers and children and the health of women and children, the city's maternal and child health skills competition sponsored by the Mianyang Municipal Health and Health Committee and hosted by the Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital was successfully held on December 20, Selected, a total of 33 teams from each county and city participated in the final.


The competition set up two items for postpartum hemorrhage rescue and newborn resuscitation. At the same time, two groups were set up at the county level and the township level to compete. The on-site simulation of two major emergent scenarios of postpartum hemorrhage and neonatal resuscitation tests the ability of medical staff to collaborate and respond to emergencies. The judges of each group scored each participating team based on scene settings, actual operating specifications, and on-site response capabilities.


After a fierce competition, the county team and the township team selected by Youxian District won the first prize in the postpartum hemorrhage rescue group, the first prize in the township level in the neonatal resuscitation group, and the county first prize in the neonatal resuscitation group The Wucheng District team was included. At the same time, the Youxian District team won the excellent organization award for its excellent performance.


Pan Weidong, deputy director of the Mianyang Municipal Health and Health Committee, encouraged the staff of the maternal and child health service front at the awarding ceremony to take this opportunity as a chance to strengthen their internal qualities, build their image outside, improve their operating skills, and build a proficient business, The high-level team effectively implements the sacred responsibility of protecting the safety of mothers and infants.

This competition set off a wave of learning business and skills in the city's women and children's system. It will further strengthen the management services and clinical treatment capabilities of high-risk pregnant women and newborns, maximize the safety of mothers and infants, and improve the level of quality and health services for women and children at the grassroots level Active promotion role.