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Forty-year-old Medical Road "Meeting" Three Generations of Love: The Special Love between the Grandparents and the Three Generations

Release time: 2019-10-25 Views: 126

"Medical ethics and medical skills are enthusiastic. They are enthusiastic like family." On October 16th, Sun Xinyi, chief physician of pediatric surgery at Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital, added a new banner. Behind this pennant is the special relationship between the three generations of the old and the young and Dr. Sun. And this special fate should start from 30 years ago ...


I am afraid that the sudden emergency in children is congenital megacolon

"This child hasn't had a bowel movement for more than 10 days! I tried everything, or it didn't work! Dr. Sun, please show it!" One evening, a young couple held a 3-month-old child Anxiously cried to Sun Xinyi.
I saw that the child had no blood on his face, and his stomach was bulging like a drum. He held his little head and snuggled in his mother's arms. Upon seeing this, Sun Xin immediately took the child and placed him on the examination table. While inquiring about his medical history, he tried his best to soothe the couple's emotions.
It is known that since the child was born, it has been accompanied by stubborn constipation, and the effect of seeking medical treatment has not improved. When Sun Xinyi performed an anal examination for him, the child pulled out a large pool of foul-smelling stool as if firing, and his white coat was also splashed. The deflated child's bloating slightly improved, but his face was still not good.
Although it was 30 years ago, Sun Xinyi, who has passed the age, is already a pediatric surgeon with more than ten years of work experience. The pediatric surgery team he co-founded is also famous in Mianyang. With rich clinical experience, Dr. Sun suspects that the child should be congenital megacolon, and may also be combined with acute severe enterocolitis, accompanied by symptoms of toxic shock. If the rescue treatment is not timely, the child will be at risk!

Treatment plan "tailored" three months before surgery
Dr. Sun accepted the critically ill child without hesitation. He did it himself and performed a drug retention enema for the child every day. Rehydration, blood transfusion, correction of shock ... After more than ten days of careful treatment, the weak life was finally pulled back from the ghost gate.

After the barium enema photo, rectal mucosal biopsy, the child was diagnosed as a congenital megacolon, and surgery was needed to fundamentally save the child's life! However, the child's current physical condition cannot withstand the "heavy wounds" of the operation, and it takes time to create conditions for the operation.


To this end, Sun Xinyi took great pains to make a tailor-made conservative treatment plan for his children. He not only taught the couple how to enema the giant colon children, but also patiently instructed them how to feed and supplement their nutrition. Review time. He also left the contact details to the couple, and told them to contact him at any time if they had any questions.
After three months of joint efforts, the child grew fat day by day and finally had the conditions for congenital megacolon surgery. At that time, domestic and foreign laparoscopic minimally invasive treatment technology was not popular. Therefore, children who underwent laparoscopic surgery left a 10cm long scar on the abdomen. Fortunately, the child's illness was cured and his life was saved!

Thirty years later, I saw Grandson's surgery.
One evening in October this year, Sun Xinyi, who had just stepped out of the operating table, was not in a hurry to go home. He wandered from one ward to the next and confirmed the recovery of the patients one by one. "Dr. Sun? Dr. Sun! Dr. Sun! ..." Just as he "completed the task" and was about to return to the office, a shout came from the end of the ward corridor. He looked around and saw an old couple beckoning at him. A middle-aged man holding a baby was standing beside him.
He immediately stepped forward to ask the situation. "Dr. Sun, don't you recognize us? This is my son. You had surgery on the giant colon 30 years ago! Look, this is the scar left at that time ..." the old woman said as she said Open the middle-aged man's clothes, the 10cm surgical scar is clearly visible.
Looking at the familiar and unfamiliar faces of the old couple, and listening to them recalling the visit of that year, Director Sun finally remembered that they were the parents of the child with the megacolon.

The child who had been cured of the megacolon that day grew up day by day, joined the work, married and had children, and now also becomes a father. I found that my child was crying and noisy, and vomiting, so I went to the hospital near my home to see what happened. While struggling to "choose" which doctor, the old couple recognized Sun Xinyi in the doctor's introduction at a glance. Who had thought of it and happened to meet Dr. Sun in the corridor of the ward.


Dr. Sun's examination of the baby just after the age of 1 found that the child had an incarcerated hernia. He gently reset the child incarcerated and recommended hospitalization for surgery. The old couple who were still anxious and worried, said with a smile: "For 30 years, you haven't changed, we are at ease with you! Grandson's surgery is still you!"
Two days later, Dr. Sun underwent hernia repair through laparoscopic minimally invasive methods. Baby was discharged home the next day.
Coincidentally, more than ten days later, the cured child did not leave a trace of surgical scars to return to the hospital for review, and "randomly encountered" a child who had just undergone laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery to cure the giant colon. Two three generations of three "patients" shot Contrast the postoperative scar with the effect on the belly, and smiled and said: Dr. Sun, you have improved!

Beautiful love will continue
This time the two "three generations" had a special "encounter", and Dr. Sun once again left his "exclusive memory" with a kind heart. In Sun Xinyi, who has been practicing medicine for 40 years, there are too many stories of three generations of love.

From son to grandson, from laparotomy to laparoscopic minimally invasive treatment, from 10cm scars to no visible surgical traces ... for three decades, three generations have accompanied a doctor in his career and witnessed the rapid development of medical technology .


Sun Xinyi, who has passed the age of flower armor, still adheres to the daily operation and outpatient clinic's rooted clinical routine. His hands have become rough and deformed due to year-round surgical disinfection. Thousands of children's lives have created the happiness of thousands of families.
He said: For a lifetime in medicine, the gold cup and silver cup are not as good as the people's reputation! As long as we have a kind heart and treat patients as our loved ones, these beautiful relationships will continue to be passed on from generation to generation.