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Use love to transfer knowledge of health and attentiveness—Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital held a health education teacher selection contest

Release time: 2019-12-12 Views: 475

The "Outline of" Healthy China 2030 "Plan" requires that women's and children's health work should be transformed from "centering on disease treatment" to "centering on people's health". This requires that our medical staff not only have the skills of "curing disease and saving people," It is necessary to have the awareness of preventing and controlling diseases, and master the "science popularization" of transmitting health.


In order to improve the level of health education in hospitals, tap more “Coppa people”, strengthen teachers in pregnant women's schools, and meet the increasing demand for health knowledge of women and children, the afternoon of December 11, the Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital held the first health education teacher selection contest. A total of 25 players from the first-line clinical care departments participated in the competition.


Deputy Dean Pu Rong expressed hope to the players in the pre-match speech: Through this stage, the players can fully display your talents, and also hope that this can become a platform for players to exchange learning and share experiences, in the future Incorporate more diversified and innovative forms and elements into the work, and make a good messenger of the health of women and children.


Contestants choose their own themes, combined with clinical work practices, using PPT demonstrations and various model props on the spot to use easy-to-understand language and vivid three-dimensional images to knowledge about maternal health care, breastfeeding, home care for common pediatric diseases, infants Preschool education, scientific use of fever, rational use of antipyretics, prevention of birth defects and other topics were simulated. The simulation class incorporates a variety of forms such as questioning and audience interaction. The curriculum design is very ingenious, the content is rich and scientific, and the judges and the audience are refreshing and memorable.

After a fierce competition, Zhang Qianqian from the delivery room said, "Teacher, when is my wife born? ", With the unique method of hand-drawn comics and the calm and calm lecturer style, won the unanimous praise of the judges and won the competition; Yang Li and Xie Muxing from the obstetric ward won the second prize; Guan Huimin, Liu Hui of the Pharmacy Department, Liu Tao of the Family Planning Service Department, and Yang Jingsi of Postpartum Rehabilitation Department won the third prize of the competition respectively.


This competition fully demonstrated the achievements of our hospital's health education promotion work, and a group of "Popda people" emerged also provided unlimited possibilities for further development of health education work in the future. We will give full play to the initiative and creativity of front-line medical staff in clinical health care, integrate health education into medical care, and provide temperature-based health services for women and children.