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Training course on breast cancer specialist construction and diagnosis and treatment talents in primary hospitals

Release time: 2019-12-09 Views: 630

In order to further promote the construction of breast care specialists in primary hospitals, earnestly enhance the detailed understanding of breast diseases by primary-level medical workers, and further standardize the screening and diagnosis of breast cancer in our city, December 6-7, sponsored by the China Maternal and Child Health Association The "Major Health Care Construction and Diagnosis Training Course for Primary Health Care Hospitals and the Dean's Salon of Breast Science Construction" undertaken by Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital were successfully held in Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital.


This meeting invited dozens of well-known breast experts and scholars from across the country to give lectures, and attracted more than 140 scholars in the field of breast diseases from inside and outside the province. Shao Fengyun, Minister of the Chinese Maternal and Child Health Association, Li Xiaolin, Deputy Director of the Health and Health Committee of Mianyang City, and Du Jiyu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Dean of the Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital attended the opening ceremony and gave a welcome speech.


Li Xiaolin, deputy director of Mianyang City Health Committee, emphasized the importance of primary breast care in his speech, and mentioned that "improving the screening rate and early diagnosis and treatment rate of common diseases for women" is an important task to achieve "Healthy China 2030" And explicit requirements. To do a good job of breast health care in primary hospitals, we must start from three aspects: consolidating business skills, coordinating the implementation of screening services, and strengthening the construction of a team of specialist doctors. We must truly prevent first and serve the city's women.


Du Jiyu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Dean of Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital, expressed gratitude and welcome to the guests and trainees, and shared the successful experience of breast science construction in our hospital. He said that the development of breast science in the future requires medical staff to think, learn and communicate together. We must actively and proactively think about how to fully integrate health science, breast cancer screening, and cancer prevention and treatment, and make the work practical Excellent and stronger.


The training courses for the construction of breast health specialists and diagnosis and treatment talents in primary hospitals are carried out in various forms such as reports, special lectures and case discussions. Means-breast ultrasound BI-RADS, mammography, etc. "," breast inflammatory disease treatment "and" traditional Chinese medicine treatment technology for benign breast disease "and other special projects, and introduced the latest progress in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, and discussed mastitis diseases Main points and difficulties in diagnosis and treatment.


This meeting invited Cao Yali, deputy director of Nanchang Third Hospital, Ning Ping, director of breast department of Chengdu Women's and Children's Center Hospital, Wu Gang, deputy director of ultrasound department of Henan Provincial People's Hospital, Liang Keshu, chief of radiology technician of Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, and maternal and child health care of Sichuan Province. Luo Jing, director of the Department of Breast and Thyroid Diseases of the hospital, Zhuo Rui, director of the Department of Breasts of Guilin Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wu Hongli, director of the Department of Breast Department of Ningxia Autonomous Region People's Hospital, and many other well-known experts in the industry gave wonderful lectures to the participants.

Female breast health issues are related to the happiness of every woman and every family. The success of this training course not only provides a platform for industry practitioners to communicate and learn, but also is an important milestone in the development of breast health in Sichuan Province. We firmly believe that through unremitting efforts, we will be able to work for the well-being of more women and families, and make due efforts and contributions to the early realization of healthy Mianyang, healthy Sichuan, and healthy China.