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Announcement on market research on protective shielding equipment for the radiation equipment room of the headquarters of the hospital and Linyuan Branch

Release time: 2019-12-06 Views: 1367

Our hospital plans to conduct market research on the protective shielding equipment of the radiation equipment room of Linyuan Branch and Linyuan Branch (see the attached table for details). The company that can provide the service should bring the relevant information of the company to the women and children of Mianyang City before 5pm on December 12th Department of Health Equipment Medical Equipment.
Contact: Teacher Zhang 18281925175 Teacher Fan 18683810002
Department of Medical Equipment, Mianyang Gynecological Center

December 6, 2019

Qualification requirements:

营业执照、国家对该行业要求的其他相关资质文件等复印件 1. Copy of business license, other relevant qualification documents required by the state for the industry, etc.

2. Authorization letter of the project manager and a copy of the ID card of the manager (please note the contact telephone number and email address);
3. List of users of the service

1. Each page of the above documents must be stamped with the agent's fresh seal.

2. Indicate the project name, company name, salesperson name and contact information on the front page of the data.