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Announcement of Mianyang Gynecology Center on Market Research on Some Medical Equipment (Second)

Release time: 2019-11-22 Views: 1668

1127日下午5点之前,按照报名要求上传到指定邮箱。 Our hospital plans to conduct market research on some medical equipment (see the attached list for details). The company that can provide the product will upload the product and company related information to the designated mailbox according to the registration requirements before 5pm on November 27 , 2019 .

Contact:    Mr. Zhang 18281925175     Teacher Fan: 18683810002

点,下午2-5点) (Monday to Friday 8-12 am, 2-5 pm)

Department of Medical Equipment, Mianyang Gynecological Center



设备清单 Annex 1: Equipment list


:报名要求: Annex 2 : Registration requirements:


、下载报名表如实填写。 1. Download the registration form and fill it out.

、将资质要求按照要求准备好后,按顺序扫描成一个彩色PDF文件 2.After the qualification requirements are prepared in accordance with the requirements , scan them into a color PDF file in order.

、将EXCEL报名表(无需打印盖章)和资质PDF文件压缩成一个压缩文件发送至指定邮箱。 3. Compress the EXCEL registration form (no need to print and stamp) and qualification PDF file into a compressed file and send it to the designated mailbox.

、邮件名称:设备序号+报名设备名称+公司名称(设备名称以公示设备名称为准) 4. Email name: equipment serial number + registered equipment name + company name (equipment name shall be subject to the published equipment name)

、报名多个设备请按照要求每个设备发一个邮件。 5. To register multiple devices, please send an email to each device as required.

、发送邮箱号: [email protected] 6. Email address : [email protected]



报名表下载(点击下载) Attachment 3 : Download the registration form (click to download)


:提交资质要求 Annex 4 : Submit Qualification Requirements


、代理商资质:公司三证和医疗器械经营许可证或者备案。 1. Qualification of the agent: the company's three certificates and medical device business license or record.

、生产商资质:注册代理公司(以注册证为准)或国内总代(需提供总代授权书)或生产厂家的三证和医疗器械生产和经营许可证或者备案。 2. Qualification of the manufacturer: the registered agency (subject to the registration certificate) or the domestic general agent (need to provide the general agent authorization letter) or the manufacturer's three certificates and the medical device production and operation license or record.

、代理商授权书 3. Agency authorization

、代理商法人给业务人员授权,有双方签字(包含法人和业务人员身份证复印件) 4. The legal person of the agent authorizes the business personnel, signed by both parties (including the legal person and the ID of the business person)

、产品有效注册证 5 , product registration certificate

、产品彩页资料(只附报名设备彩页资料) 6. Product color page information (only color information of registration equipment is attached)

、产品的用户名单(主要提供四川的三甲医院用户名单) 7. List of users of the product (mainly provide the list of users of the top three hospitals in Sichuan)



、以上文件每页均需加盖代理商鲜章 Note: 1. Each page of the above documents must be stamped with the agent's fresh seal.

    、扫描时请按照以上顺序扫描 2. Please scan in the above order when scanning