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Little hysteroscope solves big troubles——Hysteroscopy expert from Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Release time: 2018-07-06 Views: 1255

Editor's note: "Persons who are not close to the Buddha cannot be doctors, and those who are not close to the immortals cannot be doctors." Focusing on the patient, helping, comforting, and healing, she is a role model for the younger generation. After 13 years of medical service, Wei Huan has always adhered to the original intention of "nothing before the patient", and has become the youngest technical backbone of the hospital with his rich experience, excellent technology, and professional attitude. She was calm and calm in the event. The 5.12 earthquake failed to stop her step to the operating table. She quickly transferred the newborn and the mother in spite of her personal safety, and risked her life to perform operations in a temporary tent. She focused on being pragmatic, constantly seeking breakthroughs and surpassing. Through unremitting efforts and exploration, she made a single-hole laparoscopic approach platform and successfully completed the first single-hole laparoscopic surgery. Praised by the majority of patients. She is optimistic, confident, and full of positive energy. She is the trusted doctor of the patient and the youngest hysteroscope expert. She is willing to use up her life as a medical servant.
For patients, the title "expert" means respect and trust. In the eyes of most people, gray hair and a serious face are almost "standard" for the experts, but the patient's unhappy, mild smile, soft tone, and a pair of wonderful hands to help countless patients get rid of their illness and send them to health.
"Thank you so much, doctor!" In March of this year, Xiao Song went to the Maternal and Child Health Hospital to monitor the pregnancy of the left uterine horn. Color Doppler ultrasound showed that her pregnancy tissue boundary had reached the uterine serosa. Not only is the risk high, but you can only get pregnant again 1 year after surgery. Wei Wei suggested Xiao Song choose hysteroscopy, a minimally invasive surgery with low risk and fast recovery. "Don't worry, the operation is only local anesthesia." When Xiao Song was nervous, Wei Huan comforted her softly. The operating room clock went from 14:30 to 15:08. Wei Huan and his assistant got up to pick up the surgical instruments. Xiao Song knew that the operation had already been done. "You can get out of bed after 6 hours, and you can prepare for pregnancy after 1 month. Pay attention to maintenance during this period. WeChat will always ask me if I have any questions. I will reply as long as I am not in the operation," Weihuan said carefully. Shouted.

In the obstetrics and gynecology clinic, whether it is used as an examination or treatment, 80% of patients are hysteroscopy. Compared with the previous laparoscopic technique, hysteroscopy, which is a minimally invasive surgery, avoids incisions in the patient's abdomen. The operation time is as short as ten minutes and the longest is less than one hour, which effectively reduces the patient's pain and economic burden.
With the motto of “nothing small in front of the patient”, Wei Huan, the happiest thing is to hear the good news from the patient. Last year, a young patient was diagnosed with a blocked fallopian tube and was unable to conceive. After an examination at the Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Wei Huan underwent a combined laparoscopic surgery for her. In mid-April this year, the patient was pregnant. She told Wei Huan the good news as soon as possible. Wei Huan was very happy. "As a doctor, this is the most fulfilling moment."

For this sense of accomplishment, he did not work silently.

In addition to not forgetting to accumulate experience at work, and taking various breaks to participate in various studies, Wei Huan is also good at studying. In order to reduce the patient's pain and surgical trauma, she created a single-hole laparoscopic approach platform and successfully completed a single-hole laparoscopic surgery in exchange for the "minimal trauma" in exchange for "the best curative effect", while saving the patient a costly one-time Supplies costs. In order to save patients from running away, save time and worry, she informed her patients of her contact information, used them to return visits, answer questions, and make appointments for follow-up appointments.
In addition to the daily medical consultations and rounds, sometimes, there are several hysteroscopic surgery before the day, but she always smiles in front of patients to relax, professional and rigorous and patient. She used superb technology and sincere care to bring the temperature of cold surgical instruments to health and hope for countless patients.