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Diligent Good Doctor and Patient Good Word of Mouth——Medical Health Specialist Zhang Li, Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Release time: 2018-03-16 Views: 1266

Biography: Zhang Li, female, member of the party committee of the hospital, deputy chief physician, director of the Ministry of Women's Health and director of the Women's Group Health Care Section and the Elderly Health Care Section. He has been engaged in clinical and health care for obstetrics and gynecology for 37 years. He is good at perinatal health care, eugenics and prenatal diagnosis and consultation. He has accumulated rich clinical experience especially in the treatment of high-risk pregnancy, obstetric complications and complications. He has unique insights in the diagnosis and treatment of menopausal health care, infertility, and gynecological endocrine diseases.

Thirty years as a guardian of the day

Every day before 8 o'clock in the morning, the outpatient room of Director Zhang Li of the Women's Health Section on the 2nd floor of the city's Maternal and Child Health Hospital was already busy lining up, the halls were full of benches, and the aisles were full. "I woke up early, and I was too late for fear of being numbered!" A young couple hurriedly rushed forward. When asked why they chose Dr. Zhang Li, the expectant mother said with a smile: "I When I was pregnant, I watched it with Teacher Zhang. At that time, I was pregnant with no experience, and I kept asking questions. Teacher Zhang had a very good attitude and always told me carefully and patiently. I just admitted that Got her! "
This situation is not uncommon. It can be said that the word of mouth of the expectant mothers has earned Zhang Li a good reputation. When she was at the clinic, she didn't have time to drink water or go to the bathroom. Faced with expectant mothers who trusted her so much, she couldn't bear to give herself a minute's rest. It was dark to send the last expectant mother away. Zhang Li's throat was already hoarse and her body was exhausted. Several times the pregnant woman and her family made special trips to send her milk and bread, which made Zhang Li, who often missed dinner time with her family, very warm. At the moment when the doctor-patient relationship was so tense, she was able to gain the trust and understanding of so many patients and their families, which made her deeply relieved.

Professional solid

Patients' favor and good reputation can not be obtained overnight. During her 37-year medical career, Zhang Li has worked in many departments such as obstetrics and gynecology, delivery room, women's health department, women's group health department, and older age health department. Post-work study. From the "midwife" to the surgeon to the outpatient specialist, her transformation is not a one-off, it is the continuous precipitation of professional knowledge, and the continuous accumulation of clinical experience.
With a solid foundation and superb technology, for more than 30 years, Zhang Li has accumulated a strong patient fan base with a spirit of diligent service and a gentle and gentle attitude. She can always give accurate judgments and predictions about the mother's delivery time and conditions, and her success rate is over 90%. This is undoubtedly the most effective "centering pill" for pregnant mothers who are about to feel anxious about to give birth.
The women's health care team led by her, whose standardized management of women's perinatal health care and diagnosis and treatment of high-risk pregnant women are at the leading level in the city. Some projects have been praised by provincial experts and attracted many hospitals to study and exchange.

Willing to pay the true healer

The humble Zhang Li has a special magic power, which can give young pregnant women a sense of security. Once, a young girl came from Corey, and because the doctor she knew had called for sick leave and did not go to the clinic, and she was unwilling to accept other doctors arranged for her by the hospital, she burst into tears in the corridor and attracted everyone to watch. Into chaos. Zhang Li, the leader of the department, immediately came to the girl when she heard the news, and took her to the doctor-patient communication room. Like a conscientious old lady, she patiently listened to the girl's talk and soothed her emotions. When she learned that the patient was out of control because she could not get timely treatment from a doctor she trusted, Zhang Li immediately promised to treat her personally and enlightened her: "You treat me as an elder sister. If you have any hardships or troubles, You can tell me, I will do my best to help you. However, you also have to promise me that I will not be so angry anytime, anywhere, any problems, communicate well, my body is my own, how bad it is not worth it ! "
Curing the heart is also a cure. During many years of outpatient work, Zhang Li came into contact with all kinds of pregnant women, whether they were uneasy first-time pregnant women or anxious late pregnant women, when they walked out of Zhang Li's clinic, they always had a happy smile on their faces. "Pregnant women have chosen me, that is to deliver two lives into my hands, this is a trust! Therefore, I have an obligation to take more care and heal their hearts when treating their illness."

Demonstrator and Leader

During the interview, a young doctor came to ask for advice. Zhang Li acted seriously and could point out the key points of the problem in just a few sentences. The young doctor nodded in pain. "Ask me where you don't understand!" After some doubts and answers, she patted her colleagues on the shoulders, and her face reappeared with kindness and smile.
In private, she is optimistic and enthusiastic, sharing experience without reservation; in her work, she is serious and rigorous, and her workload is ranked first. Zhang Chi's modest management method, diligent and demonstrative leadership lead the doctors and nurses around her to be convinced, standardized management and a harmonious atmosphere are her unique cultural background.
From 5,000 person-times per year to 50,000 person-times to date, the number of maternity and health care visits and the number of health-care card establishments in our hospital have been at the forefront of all hospitals in this city. This year, the Women's Health Division also successfully passed the re-evaluation and acceptance of key specialties in Mianyang City.
She and her team members have worked hard to produce healthy babies for tens of thousands of families. Now, in addition to her duty to cure and save people, what she can do is help, lead and inherit.