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The Maternal and Child Health Hospital has hidden a "peerless master" of male specialty!

Release time: 2018-04-23 Views: 1299

As the saying goes, there must be a man who takes care of her silently behind a gentle and happy mother. Every day when I go to work and work, the editor can see the pregnant mother is busy running around the back to get the water bag, and the husbands who are in place will be ordered.
Now that the rights of women and children are getting higher and higher, should we also care about the health of another "vulnerable group"-men who have worked hard and tired for the happiness of their families?
The City Maternal and Child Health Hospital considers the majority of women's boyfriends / husbands / future partners. Today, Xiaobian will recommend the "peerless masters" hidden in our hospital to you!
Personalized treatment plan: Witness happiness

A 20-year-old boy from Jiangyou, Li Lei (a pseudonym), was accidentally seen by his classmates when he had an intimate behavior with his girlfriend during college. The feeling of embarrassment and shame also stayed in the subconscious, which led to his inferiority. There was no way to communicate with women normally, and she was short of breath and flushed as soon as she spoke. Li Lei (pseudonym) found Dr. Yan Mingkui through an acquaintance.
At first, he was ashamed to express his expression and had no confidence in the treatment. Teacher Yan constantly encouraged him: "You can tell me what symptoms and unspeakable things you have. I will keep it confidential for you. Don't be too stressed. Believe in yourself and me. I will help you! "Dr. Yan set out a treatment plan for Li Lei (pseudonym) personally from three aspects: psychological counseling, medication, and device assistance.
After more than two months of careful treatment, Li Lei (pseudonym) not only cured the physical problems, but also overcome the psychological obstacles and successfully found a partner. When he got married, he made a special trip to send a wedding invitation to Dr. Yan to invite him to the wedding. He said: "Uncle Yan is the witness of my marriage. Without his tireless enlightenment and patience to treat me, I dare not imagine that I will get married this day."
Healing the body and mind: saving the broken marriage

Half a year ago, a couple came to the clinic. The two were originally in a good relationship, but because of high-intensity work, they became physically fatigued. The sex life of the couple became increasingly unharmonious. As a result, the two were in conflict, and even the marriage was almost broken. . The couple found Yan Mingkui with the last hint of hope.
After scientific and rigorous diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Yan combined psychological therapy with drug therapy, not only helping the couple to solve the pathological problems, but also constantly counseling them. The couple's mentality has also changed a lot and became more understanding and inclusive. , Feelings are even better than before. After the cure, the couple often came to the hospital to see Dr. Yan Mingkui, talked to the family, and talked to each other. Teacher Yan also learned the situation in time to provide guidance and counseling to help them consolidate the curative effect.
In fact, Dr. Yan has been exposed to many similar cases. He said, "Having been a doctor for half of my life, I hope that I can not only cure patients' physical pain, but also help them to establish a healthy and positive mentality. This is my goal. The so-called small family is harmonious, and everyone is healthy. "
"Peerless Master" skillful: birth control can be restored

Maybe many people can't think of it. In the "woman pile" of Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital, a "peerless master" of male specialty is hidden! Yes, as of now, Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital is the only medical unit in Mianyang that has the qualifications, equipment, and proficiency in performing male birth control surgery, and Dr. Yan Mingkui is the "peerless master". He has skilled surgical skills and rich clinical experience, and has performed nearly 10,000 safe and reliable male sterilization operations for the majority of men who are willing.
There was a couple of 30+ Dink couples. They traveled all over Mianyang and there was no hospital to accept male surgery, until they found Yan Mingkui. Because of the small wounds and rapid recovery, they also recommended friends and colleagues with birth control needs to Yan Mingkui.
"Many people have a need but they dare not perform a male tie operation. That is because they don't understand." Yan Mingkui said, "Actually, male tie operations are simpler, safer, and cheaper than female tie operations, and their failure rate is also more Low. Even if you change your mind, you can have resurgical surgery to achieve re-birth. At present, the success rate of resurgical surgery is up to 90%. "