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Expert interview: Qian Xiangming, a pediatrician, has the most extraordinary skills

Release time: 2018-02-24 Views: 1356

In the pediatrics office, a middle-aged man with short-sighted glasses and a soft-spoken appearance and his three-story wooden cabinet filled with the latest medical journals formed the first impression that the editor met the pediatrician.
Numerous children have been cured with wonderful hands, and their dedication is praised by parents
In the last century, Dr. Trudeau stated, "Sometimes heal, often help, always comfort." This is the motto that Qian Xiangming often uses to remind himself and his education team. He often said, "The pediatric specialty is high-risk, high-intensity, and the child's condition is changing rapidly. A pediatrician must not only have superb skills, but also the kindness of the doctor." This is what he and his team are striving for. It is this spirit that has helped many children struggling to die in the pediatrics for more than 30 years of clinical work.
Ten years ago, Zhang Jian (pseudonym) brought a pregnant wife to the hospital to give birth, an emergency emerged --- asphyxiation of a newborn, and a small life just born was about to die. After continuous cardiopulmonary resuscitation for half an hour, the baby still did not return to normal breathing and heartbeat. The family members of the mother were emotional and almost out of control. But Dr. Qian did not complain, did not give up, led the rescue team to continue various rescue measures, and raced to death, eventually broke through the restricted area of life, and saved the dying baby. From now on, every time the child gets sick, Gao Jian's family will seek a doctor for treatment. From babies who fell to the ground to healthy and lovely teenagers, youths, and even families, Qian Xiangming witnessed the growth of this child and became friends with Gao Jian's family.
There are still many children like Gao Jian's children. More often, their children's children have become his patients. The patients who come to him every day to see him for consultations are endless, causing him to be overwhelmed and exhausted, but When he thought of the child he had turned to, he was relieved, and all his feelings of fatigue disappeared.
Simple things are repeated, ordinary life is the most extraordinary
As a chief physician, Qian Xiangming has always adhered to clinical work. He said that his daily work is medical rounds, teaching rounds, expert clinics, case discussions, training and lectures. Simple things are repeated. Overtime is the norm. It's nothing like ten years. Throughout the interview, Dr. Qian's most talked about words were "things within the matter" and "nothing to say." Just as every great cause requires the silent dedication of millions, without the "ordinary" everyday of countless pediatricians, there would be no progress in pediatrics. So ordinary is the most extraordinary, simple is the least.
Go all out to seek development and achieve great results in subject construction
Director Qian Xiangming graduated from the Department of Pediatrics of Chongqing Medical University in July 1986. After graduation, he has been engaged in pediatric clinical and child health work in Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital for 32 years. His professional basic theory is solid, he is diligent in studying hard, and has the courage to struggle. He has continued to develop on the basis of the original pediatric paediatric outpatient clinic. He has established the pediatric inpatient department, neonatal department, NICU, PICU, and opened a respiratory specialist clinic and a neonatal specialty. Outpatient clinic, presided over the development of more than 20 new technologies and new projects in diagnosis and treatment, and won a number of provincial and municipal scientific research achievement awards. The pediatric team led by him took the lead in developing non-invasive mechanical ventilation technology and brain function monitoring technology in this city. A number of intensive care technologies are leading in the city, making our hospital's pediatric scale and technical level one of the most popular in the city. At the 2017 Hospital Summary and Commendation Meeting, Director Qian Xiangming and his team received up to 9 individual and collective honors.
Dedication, dedication, style, strict discipline
Since serving as the director of pediatrics in 2001, he has led a department team of only 7 or 8 people along the way, and has built a united, cooperative, and meticulous medical team composed of more than 60 medical staff in the child care department today. Recalling that at the beginning, there were only 2 doctors and 3 nurses in the entire department. They worked shifts 24 hours a day, and each person worked an average of more than 60 hours a week. Children are often diagnosed during the day and talent training is conducted after work. They often come home late and cannot take care of the family at all. Because there is an emergency at any time, he has always insisted on starting the phone 24 hours a day, on call, this insistence is more than ten years.
Today, when the relationship between doctors and patients is very tense, he often says, "Humanistic spirit is what doctors need to cultivate most today." But as long as we think of our young and young, respect each and every life, and do our best to treat and put ourselves in the right place. It is not difficult to understand, communicate and build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship. Under the guidance of his unremitting demonstration, the pediatric team has a high overall business quality, strong communication skills, good professionalism and dedication, and a low incidence of doctor-patient disputes. For decades, more than 300,000 children have been treated by him and his team. Highly recognized and praised by parents of children.

Qian Xiangming, Chief Physician, Director of Pediatrics of Mianyang Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Service Center (Maternal and Child Health Hospital), Academic Leader of Sichuan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, Member of the Pediatrics Professional Committee of the Sichuan Medical Association, and Pediatric Committee of the Mianyang Medical Association Deputy director member, standing member of Mianyang Municipal Maternal and Child Health Management Professional Committee, standing member of General Medical Committee of Mianyang Medical Association. He has won the first prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Mianyang Municipal Government, the third prize of the Science and Technology Award of the Sichuan Provincial Government, the third prize of the Medical Science and Technology Award of the Sichuan Medical Association, and the advanced individual in the Sichuan family planning system.