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Health guards walk into township health centers to preach breastfeeding knowledge and skills

Release time: 2018-07-04 Views: 4062

On the morning of July 3rd, Lu Yanmin, the head of the health education department of Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and his party came to the Pok Oi Health Center in the suburbs of Wucheng District to preach breastfeeding knowledge and skills for the staff and novice mothers in the area.

"What is good for a baby?" "Why breastfeeding?" "What are the benefits of breastfeeding?" "How to handle milk up?" "How to milk and save?" ... Ms. Lu will encounter many clinical questions about Frequently asked questions about breastfeeding knowledge are combined with pictures and texts, combined with operations and explanations, to make boring knowledge easy to understand and vivid.

After class, Mr. Lu also gave live guidance to the postpartum nursing mother who came to the class.