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City Maternity Center launched special training on "three medical supervisions"

Release time: 2018-07-04 Views: 4183

In order to actively promote the "three medical supervisions" of Sichuan Health and Family Planning Commission, comprehensively improve the level of hospital management, effectively regulate the behavior of medical services, and improve the quality of medical services, on the afternoon of July 4, the Municipal Maternity and Family Planning Center organized a study on the 6th floor of the Academic Department. The special business training meeting "Relying on the supervision of three doctors to standardize the diagnosis and treatment behavior" specially invited Ms. Wang Wenying, a medical quality management expert from Mianyang City, the director of the medical department of the central hospital, and the chief physician of the pediatric department to give lectures. The training was hosted by Vice President Chen Fang, and nearly 200 cadres and staff of the center participated.

Director Wang conducted a comprehensive and detailed discussion on the medical background of the "three supervisions" of the medical policy, the practices of Sichuan Province (supervision basis, design ideas, construction methods, safeguard measures, six system construction, and index setting), and experience sharing of relevant medical institutions. And explained that the three medical supervisions are major changes from extensive supervision to precise supervision, from traditional supervision to technology supervision, and from supervision to supervision. They must be strictly implemented. The comrades attending the meeting carefully recorded and expressed their great benefits.
Deputy Director Chen Fang emphasized that the "three supervisions" of medical treatment is a new model of comprehensive, accurate and real-time supervision of medical institutions, medical personnel and medical behaviors through information technology. The staff and staff of the hospital should attach great importance to and clarify their responsibilities; medical personnel must strictly implement the core medical system and standardize the behavior of diagnosis and treatment; and all departments should cooperate and advance together. In order to establish a new mechanism to maintain public welfare, mobilize enthusiasm, and ensure sustainable operation, to achieve reasonable cost control and continuous improvement of service quality.