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City Gynecology and Family Planning Center Launches 2018 Medical Ethics Training

Release time: 2018-07-04 Views: 4158

In order to further strengthen the construction of medical ethics and medical ethics in our center, raise the consciousness of responsibility, service and integrity of the practice of cadres and staff in the center. On the afternoon of July 4, our center organized a special education training on medical ethics and medical style in the academic hall on the sixth floor. This lecture was lectured by Zhang Qin, the chief of the discipline inspection and supervision department. There were nearly 200 staff in the clinical, medical technology and functional departments of the hospital. Attend training.

The lecture focused on the connotation of medical ethics, the importance of the construction of medical ethics, and the management system of medical ethics and medical ethics of our center. It reviewed industry norms such as the Code of Conduct for Medical Institution Employees and Nine Imperfections of the State Health Planning Commission At the same time, it also introduced the annual evaluation, rewards and punishments, and the results sharing mechanism of the medical ethics of our center.
Through this training, it has laid a solid foundation for further helping medical staff in the hospital to consciously regulate their behaviors, improve service concepts, and provide more high-quality services for women and children.