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"Three Basics and Three Strict" training conducted by our hospital in various forms

Release time: 2018-06-14 Views: 2420

In order to ensure the effective implementation of the core system of medical quality and safety, standardize the behavior of diagnosis and treatment, and improve the level of medical and health services, in the afternoon of June 14th, our hospital simultaneously broadcasted the "Essentials of 18 core systems of medical quality" sponsored by the China Europe International Hospital Management Center And Case Interpretation Advanced Training Course ", nearly 200 professional and technical personnel in the hospital watched this training course through multimedia simultaneously.

This training course was taught by Professor Fan Rong from Beijing Tsinghua Changgeng Hospital, and explained the interpretation of eighteen core systems of medical quality and safety (first-responsibility system, three-level rounds system, consultation system, graded nursing system, duty and transfer system). , Difficult case discussion system, critically ill patient rescue system, preoperative discussion system, death case discussion system, verification system, surgical safety verification system, surgical grade management system, new technology and new project access system, critical value reporting system, Medical record management system, antibacterial drug classification management system, clinical blood examination system, information security management system); key case interpretation, etc. The lecture lasted 2 and a half hours. The whole process was easy, efficient, and easy to understand. The simple and normal complex problems made the medical staff's heart suddenly bright. All the participants expressed great benefits.
This live webcast training is our first innovative attempt in the era of “Internet +”. Through the network, distance learning is not restricted by time, space and distance, and can be listened to by domestic top professors in the hospital, greatly improving the training effect, Reduce training costs.