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Emphasis on research and practical results——Tian Wei, deputy director of the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, and Du Jiyu, director of the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital, investigated and guided the maternal and child health family planning work in counties

Release time: 2018-06-14 Views: 4154

In order to implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Jinping's inspection visit to Sichuan and the spirit of Secretary Peng Qinghua's investigation and investigation, according to the requirements of the "big study, big discussion, big research" activity, on June 8, 11, and 12, the city health Tian Wei, deputy director of the Planning Commission, and Du Jiyu, president of the City Maternal and Child Health Hospital, visited the maternity and child health institutions of Anzhou District, Zijing County, and Yanting County for three consecutive days to investigate and guide the work of maternal and child health family planning.

At Anzhou District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Du Jiyu conducted an in-depth investigation of the work of women and children in family planning. He emphasized that the transformation of family planning work services places higher requirements on us. We must, as always, attach importance to this livelihood project, and implement it from the organization, personnel, and responsibilities To ensure that publicity, funding and measures are in place, and continue to do a good job in family planning services.

At Zitong County Maternal and Child Health Hospital, President Du signed a medical union agreement on behalf of the city's Maternal and Child Health Hospital and Li Jun, president of Ziyang County Maternal and Child Health Hospital. Director Tian pointed out the importance of the Women's and Children's Specialist Alliance, and asked us to ensure the system's operation, one mind, common progress and mass satisfaction. Dean Du emphasized that the signing of this agreement will be an opportunity to build a women's and children's specialist alliance, implement two-way referrals, and form a joint force; adhere to the sinking of superior medical resources and realize the medical union of the three specialties (ie specialty, specialist, expert), Meet the needs of the people.

At the Maternity and Child Health Hospital of Yanting County, Tian Wei and Du Jiyu investigated the pre-pregnancy health checkup work in Yanting County, conducted an in-depth analysis of the problems in the first-half pregnancy work in Yanting, and put forward practical suggestions. Director Tian emphasized that pregnancy and pregnancy work is a people's livelihood project, and all levels must attach great importance to it, focus on personnel training, control quality, and effectively achieve this standard. Dean Du also said that as a public health service agency, we need to hold both hands in clinical business and public health. As a city-level business guidance department, the City Maternal and Child Health Hospital will spare no effort to provide experts, training and other support. The two levels of the county should cooperate with each other to strengthen docking, broaden channels, and work together to improve the capacity of Mianyang's maternal and child health services.

This in-depth grass-roots investigation has promoted high-quality cadres of women, children, and family planning at all levels through learning and discussion to further emancipate the mind and build consensus; find problems and analyze causes; broaden ideas and promote rectification. Improved the ability and level of women and children's family planning services.