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Childcare doctors from Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital walk into campus to preach love knowledge

Release time: 2018-07-02 Views: 4054

On the evening of July 1, Ms. Liao Xiaoyu, a doctor and sister of Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital, came to Mianyang Yucai School and gave a health lecture entitled "Primary School Students' Eyes and Eye Care Knowledge" to more than 100 students in Grade 1.

Teacher Liao first let the children know and understand their eyes through the animated film "The Structure of Eyeballs" that children love to see, and then told the children how to take care of their eyes and protect their eyes through easy-to-understand knowledge lectures. Let children really love and protect their eyes in actual actions.

The summer is coming and it's the children's carnival season! Video games are arguably the main entertainment for children. However, staring at the screen for a long time to play games, but it is easy to become myopia! Then parents need to pay attention! Be sure to keep these golden rules in mind and protect your eyes!

The golden rule of preventing myopia
1, pay attention to balanced nutrition: appropriate amount of calcium, lutein, zinc, vitamin ACE, etc., eat less sweets, fried foods, chocolate, carbonated drinks and other high-fat foods.
2. Moderate exercise: Take part in outdoor aerobic exercise, such as kite flying, table tennis, badminton, running, swimming, etc. Get more sun!
3. Good writing posture: one foot, one inch, and one punch, that is, the eye is one foot away from the book, the hand is one inch away from the pen tip, and the chest is far from the table.
4. Don't lie down, lie down, or read in a turbulent carriage.
5. Do not watch the TV screen up close or sideways on the bus.
6. Don't read in too weak or too strong light.
7. Watching TV, playing computers, surfing the Internet, and playing game consoles, etc., are most harmful to eyes. When watching TV for more than an hour, you must rest for 10 minutes, do distant view and eye exercises.
8. Don't wear other people's short-sighted glasses, it is not suitable to wear inferior glasses, sunglasses or diving glasses.
9, regular eye vision inspection: check every three to six months.