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Pay attention to growth, pay attention to the future: City Women's Insurance Hospital launches free child growth consultation

Release time: 2018-07-02 Views: 4922

In order to help parents to early detect, intervene, and treat the problems encountered by children during their adolescence, the city's Maternal and Child Health Hospital launched a free clinic on the front square of the hospital, focusing on growth and the future. He Chengchuan (Chief Physician), Deputy Director of Pediatrics and Chief of the New Screening Division, took the lead in "sit" and answered questions for parents who came to the consultation.

The two-hour on-site free consultation activity attracted nearly a hundred consultants to measure height, measure weight, draw height and weight curve charts ... Medical staff carefully checked the children and provided one-on-one guidance to parents. Free bone age examination was also provided for 10 children with suspected dwarfism and precocious puberty on the scene of the activity. Based on the examination report, Dr. He Chengchuan thoughtfully developed a personalized treatment plan for each child.

After the free consultation, He Chengchuan also gave a lively lecture on the knowledge of children's growth and development to the parents at the scene, providing parents with the correct guidance to deal with adolescent problems such as slow growth, precocious puberty, and psychological disorders during the child's growth and development. opinion.

Popular science tips: Data from the Pediatric Endocrinology Group of the Chinese Medical Association show that the incidence of stunting in children in China is about 3%, and the total number of short children of 4-15 years old in China is as high as 7 million. About 90% of children with short stature have abnormal psychological behaviors such as autism, depression, weariness, and social withdrawal, and most parents lack sufficient awareness and attention to children's short stature.

Pituitary tumors, hypothyroidism, and other causes of shortness, if not identified and eliminated in time, will also seriously affect the child's intellectual development and life health.

Parents need to be vigilant when the children show the above 4 signals!
Speaking of which, Xiaobian has prepared a height comparison table for parents!

Even if there are signs of dwarf, parents do not need to panic. 3-12 years old is the best treatment period for children with dwarf. Parents can take a small test based on symptoms and height standards. A better way is to come to Mianyang. Maternal and Child Health Hospital Children's Height Promotion Clinic, consult expert He Chengchuan!

Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital has opened a clinic for children with short stature and genetic metabolism screening. A senior pediatric expert, Dr. He Chengchuan, is leading the team to the clinic. Director He has participated in the training of domestic well-known children's endocrinologists many times, and has accumulated a deep theoretical level and rich practical experience in children's abnormal growth and short stature.

He Chengchuan: Male, Chief Physician, Deputy Director of Pediatrics, Director of Newborn Disease Screening, Child Growth and Development, Child Nutrition, Child Eye Care, Child Rehabilitation, and Planned Immunology. He graduated from the Third Military Medical University and has been engaged in pediatrics and child health care for more than 20 years. He has taught in the regions of Pingwu, Beichuan, Heishui, etc., and has been awarded the title of advanced foreign aid. He is good at the diagnosis and treatment of neonatal diseases, childhood asthma and diarrhea, and has rich clinical experience in the treatment of children's acute and critical illness, growth retardation, and child health management.