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Our hospital holds 2018 academic month activities and maternal and child health skills competition

Release time: 2018-06-05 Views: 2397

In order to comprehensively improve the quality and level of maternal and child health services in our hospital, and strengthen the collaborative ability of the obstetrics and pediatrics team for treatment services, the afternoon of June 4th and 5th consecutively, the 2018 academic month activities and maternal and child health skills competition of our hospital were held as scheduled. A total of 53 players from 11 clinical teams, clinics, and medical technology departments participated in the competition.

The competition is divided into two parts, the theoretical knowledge assessment and the skill operation competition. The skill operation competition is divided into three groups: adult CPR, neonatal asphyxia resuscitation, and aseptic technique.

Before the start of the operation competition, Deputy Dean Chen Fang delivered a mobilization speech, stating that all participating departments should attach great importance to the competition, and use the competition to achieve the purpose of promoting learning through competition and promoting practice through competition, and give full play to what they have learned. Practice, showing the style of medical workers.
Operation scenes are set with realistic work scenes, allowing players to be immersive and strictly in accordance with technical specifications and operating standards, so as to cultivate and improve their first-aid capabilities. At the competition site, the players carried out their work in an orderly manner according to the division of labor, with rigorous procedures, standardized operations, and a tense atmosphere at the scene.

Through this skill competition, the basic theories and skills of emergency medical care, aseptic operation, and other medical personnel of our hospital have been consolidated, and the service ability and professional technical level have been effectively improved. The competition is divided into three groups. One first prize, two second prizes, and three third prizes will be set up, which will be announced at the award ceremony.