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Announcement of Mianyang Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Service Center on Market Research on Newborn Bathing Room Supporting Facilities in Yuezi Center

Release time: 2019-11-13 Views: 1167

Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Family Planning Service Center plans to conduct market research on the supporting facilities of the neonatal bath room (such as: hydrotherapy machine, bath, massage operation table, etc.) in the confinement center. Companies who are willing and able to provide related products should bring it Unit qualification, copy of legal person's ID card, registration authorization letter, copy of applicant's ID card (all need to be stamped with the company's fresh seal) and other related information, please go to Mianyang City Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Service Center general affairs before November 18, 2019 Section registration.
Contact: Teacher Yin
Phone: 13458326111
Announcement date: November 13, 2019-November 18, 2019