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Announcement of Mianyang Gynecology Center on conducting market research on some medical equipment

Release time: 2019-11-13 Views: 905

Our hospital plans to conduct market research on some medical devices (see the attached list for details). The company that can provide the product will upload the product and company related information to the designated mailbox according to the registration requirements before 5pm on November 21, 2019.
Contact: Mr. Zhang
Phone: 18281925175 (Monday to Friday 8-12 am, 2-5 pm)
Department of Medical Equipment, Mianyang Gynecological Center

November 13, 2019

Annex 1: Equipment list:

Annex 2: Registration requirements:
1. Download the registration form and fill it out.
2. Scan the qualification requirements into a color PDF file in order after preparing the qualification requirements
3. Compress the EXCEL registration form (no need to print and stamp) and qualification PDF file into a compressed file and send it to the designated mailbox.
4. Email name: equipment serial number + registered equipment name + company name (equipment name shall prevail)
5. To register multiple devices, please send an email to each device as required.
[email protected] 6. Email address : [email protected]

Annex 3: Download the registration form


Annex 4: Submit Qualification Requirements

1. Qualification of the agent: the company's three certificates and medical device business license or record.
2. Manufacturer's qualification: registered agency (subject to registration certificate) or domestic general agent (need to provide the general agent authorization letter) or the manufacturer's three certificates and medical device production and business license or record.
3. Agent authorization letter
4. The legal person of the agent authorizes the business personnel, signed by both parties (including the legal person and the ID of the business person)
5, product registration certificate
6. Product color page information (only color information of registration equipment is attached)
7. List of users of the product (mainly provides the list of users of the top three hospitals in Sichuan)

Note: 1. Each page of the above documents must be stamped with the agent's fresh seal.
2.Please scan in the above order when scanning