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Dear patient friend:
In order to comprehensively implement real-name medical treatment and hospital information construction, improve the quality of your diagnosis and treatment in our hospital, and safeguard your benefits of outpatient medical treatment, our hospital has implemented a card-based medical treatment in 2012. Please follow the instructions below Diagnosis and treatment in our hospital.

I. Outpatient consultation process
Get a medical card → Register with a card → Get medical treatment with a card → Pay with a card → The medical card is valid for a long time
Please take the initiative to swipe your card during registration, medical treatment, payment, medication collection and patient admission procedures.

Second, get a medical card
Our hospital provides a long-term visit card for you to use during the diagnosis and treatment of our hospital. The long-term visit card is your identification card during the hospital service process, which can help you quickly get related services, and effectively manage your diagnosis and treatment information during the outpatient diagnosis and treatment process.
Long-term visit card: You can apply for your ID card at the registration office of the outpatient hall for free with your valid ID. The long-term visit card has the functions of collecting patient visit information and registering appointments, and it is also convenient for your return visit.
The medical card is for my personal use only. Please do not lend it to others. I will bear all the consequences of the lending.

Third, the card registration
The registered forms of our hospital are:
On-site registration;
Appointment registration: On-site appointment, telephone appointment, online appointment (keptgame.com), WeChat public account appointment

4. Visit with a card
After registering, please bring your consultation card and registration form to the waiting area for treatment. WeChat appointments no longer require registration slips
If you need to be hospitalized, please bring the admission card and long-term medical card issued by the doctor to the hospital to complete the hospitalization procedures.

V. Card Payment
Please hold your long-term visit card to pay at the payment window. After paying the fee, the toll collector will print the payment bill for you (each payment bill must be stamped with a special stamp for outpatient charges).
Pay online

Six, take the ticket to get medicine
Please go to the pharmacy on the first floor of the outpatient clinic to collect medicines according to the designated window on the drug payment list.

Seven, warm reminder
If your card is lost, please bring your valid certificate to apply for a replacement card at the card registration office.
Please do not use your own card to make appointments or register for others, because you cannot change any information on the card during the entire consultation process.