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副主任医师 He ChengchuanDeputy Chief Physician

The director and chief physician of the office of Mianyang New Screening Center, graduated from the Third Military Medical University. He is currently a member of the Expert Committee on the Experimental Diagnosis of Birth Defects of the Second Committee of Laboratory Medicine of the Chinese Academy of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, a member of the Sichuan Provincial Preventive Medical Association's Eye and Vision Care Committee, a member of the Expert Library of the Sichuan Provincial Newborn Screening Center, and a Sichuan Provincial Newborn Member of the Expert Group for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Genetic Metabolic Diseases, and member of the Growth and Development Group of the Pediatrics Professional Committee of the Mianyang Medical Association. He has won third-class merit once, participated in medical aid to Africa from 2014 to 2016 and was awarded the title of “Advanced Individual in Foreign Aid Medical Care” by the Ministry of Health. He has been engaged in pediatrics and child health for nearly 30 years, and has published more than ten professional academic papers in national core journals. Good at: diagnosis and treatment of various common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases, and critically ill children, and rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of neonatal genetic metabolic diseases, child growth retardation and precocious puberty, and childhood obesity.