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Ministry of Maternal Health

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副主任医师 Hu ZongqiongDeputy Chief Physician

Director of Women's Health Department and Director of Women's Group Health Section, Chief Physician, graduated from Luzhou Medical College. He is currently a member of the Family Planning Technical Guidance Group of the Family Planning Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, a member of the first committee of the Sichuan Prophylactic Medical Association Gynecologic Cancer Prevention and Control Branch, a member of the first committee of the Reproductive Health Branch of Sichuan Preventive Medical Association, and a woman from Mianyang Member of Obstetrics Special Committee, member of Mianyang City Obstetrics and Gynecology Quality Control Center. He has been engaged in gynecology and obstetrics for nearly 30 years, and has carried out gynecological hysteroscopy and laparoscopic surgery for more than 10 years. He has studied in West China Hospital many times and has rich clinical work experience. Good at: diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in gynecology and obstetrics, management and critical care of high-risk pregnant women such as pregnancy complications, comorbidities, gynecological endoscopic surgery, minimally invasive gynecological surgery and vaginal surgery.