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Ministry of Maternal Health

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Ministry of Maternal Health

Maternal Health Department

婚前保健科 孕前保健科 、孕期保健科、产科、产后康复科共计 6 个二级科室。 The Department of Maternal Health has six secondary departments: group health department, pre-marital health department , pre-pregnancy health department , pregnancy health department, obstetrics department and post-natal rehabilitation department. 64 人,其中高级职称 6 名,中级职称 11 名。 There are 64 professional and technical personnel , including 6 senior titles and 11 intermediate titles . Provide continuous services and management for the entire fertility process.

Featured specialty introduction

1. Department of Health for Maternal Groups

Responsible for the formulation, implementation and technical guidance of pre-marital health care and maternal health work routines in the area; responsible for the formulation and implementation of annual assessment and evaluation methods for pre-marital health care and maternal health care in the area; entrusted by the health and family planning administrative department to organize the development of pre-marital health in the area Quality control, business guidance and supervision of health care and maternal health care; business guidance and supervision of maternal death and birth defect monitoring; organization of maternal death and newborn death review; pre-marital health care and maternal health care in jurisdictions Relevant personnel of the service are trained to promote appropriate technologies; responsible for the collection, quality control and statistical analysis of pre-marital health care, maternal health-related data, and suggestions for improvement; grasp the epidemiological characteristics of common problems and diseases of pregnant women in their jurisdictions, and carry out Research to provide targeted interventions. Provide technical support for the health and family planning administrative department to formulate development plans for pre-marital health care and maternal health care in the jurisdiction, implement working standards and technical standards.

2. Health care during pregnancy

14 名,其中高级职称 5 人,中级职称 3 人。 The Health Care Department during pregnancy has 14 clinically experienced medical staff , including 5 senior titles and 3 intermediate titles . There are outpatient clinics such as maternal health care, nutrition during pregnancy, and high-risk pregnancy. 4 万余人次。 Undertake guidance of the city's pregnancy health care business, with an annual outpatient volume of more than 40,000. Provided the first outpatient department providing weight management and nutritional care for all pregnant women in Mianyang City, taking the lead in conducting services such as pregnancy hypertension testing, umbilical blood flow testing, and central fetal monitoring.

Third, obstetrics

3000 多人次,抢救危重症产妇达 100 余人次。 The annual delivery of obstetrics is more than 3,000 person-times, and more than 100 person -times are rescued in critically ill women . The department has a number of professional equipment such as ECG monitors, fetal heart monitors. 1 、正常接生及难产接生。 The business carried out includes: 1. Normal delivery and difficult delivery. Provide services such as accompany childbirth, Dole childbirth, and analgesic delivery. 、规范开展了妊娠期糖尿病、子痫前期、早产、胎儿生长受限、双胎妊娠、妊娠期肝病、未足月胎膜早破、疤痕子宫再分娩等妊娠合并症及并发症的诊治。 2. The diagnosis and treatment of pregnancy complications and complications such as gestational diabetes mellitus, preeclampsia, premature delivery, fetal growth restriction, twin pregnancy, gestational liver disease, premature rupture of membranes, and scar uterine birth were standardized. 、对急危重症病人的抢救有丰富的临床经验,并根据病种成立有抢救小组,确保危重病人能及时、快速、正确得到治疗,抢救成功率达 100% 3. Have rich clinical experience in the rescue of critically ill patients, and set up a rescue team according to the disease to ensure that critically ill patients can be treated in a timely, rapid and correct manner, and the rescue success rate is 100% . 、在抢救产后出血、子痫、胎盘早剥、凶险性前置胎盘等危重症抢救方面具有丰富的临床经验,主治医师以上都有自己的专业特长和主攻方向,并定期参加学习班培训。 4. Has rich clinical experience in the rescue of critically ill patients such as postpartum hemorrhage, eclampsia, placental abruption, and dangerous placenta previa. The attending physician or above has his own professional expertise and main attack direction, and regularly participates in training courses. 、产儿科合作:新生儿科医生常年在产科工作,对新生儿进行查房,病情观察及处理,对新生儿疾病能早期识别,及时诊治。 5. Cooperation in obstetrics and pediatrics: neonatal doctors work in obstetrics all year round, conduct ward rounds of the newborns, observe and treat the illness, and identify the neonatal diseases early and diagnose and treat them in a timely manner.

Fourth, postpartum rehabilitation

Postpartum rehabilitation is an extension of the maternity ward. 年在我市率先开展产后康复及女性盆底功能障碍性疾病防治项目。 In 2013 , we took the lead in carrying out postnatal rehabilitation and prevention and treatment of female pelvic floor dysfunction diseases in our city. 年挂牌成为绵阳市产后康复中心,是四川省首家公益性质的产后康复中心。 In 2015 , it became a post-natal rehabilitation center in Mianyang City, and is the first public-interest post-natal rehabilitation center in Sichuan. 年诊治病人近 3 万人次。 Nearly 30,000 patients were treated in 2016 . 100% The efficiency of treating patients is 100% . Main business: postpartum uterine rehabilitation, breast dredging, lactation, pelvic floor function assessment and dysfunction treatment; diagnosis and treatment of various urinary incontinence, urinary retention; treatment of mild and moderate uterine prolapse, vaginal anterior and posterior wall swelling; vaginal relaxation, vagina Spasm, dissatisfaction with sexual life; treatment of pubic symphysis, rectus abdominis separation, abdominal muscle relaxation; treatment of postpartum obesity, simple obesity; treatment of chronic pelvic pain; treatment of chronic constipation, elimination of limb edema, etc.

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