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Preventive health care

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Introduction to Preventive Health Division

Since its establishment, the Department of Preventive Health Care has been mainly responsible for immunization, information registration, and statistical reporting of collective and scattered children in our hospital and Huayuan South Street. It has established card and appointment vaccination for children in its jurisdiction, and carried out various forms of propaganda knowledge promotion. Guide the work and increase the basic immunization rate to achieve the planned immunization goals. At the same time, he is responsible for implementing various infectious disease management tasks in the hospital, responsible for epidemic report, epidemic statistics, infectious disease monitoring and infectious disease knowledge training throughout the hospital. There are 4 medical staffs in the department, including 1 nurse in charge (now serving as a member of the Vein Special Committee of the Mianyang Nursing Society), 2 nurses and 1 nurse. There are vaccination room, registration room, cold chain room, observation room, office and other functional structures. At present, the hardware equipment has reached the standard of vaccination demonstration clinic. Medical staff in the preventive health department have high morals, considerate service, and beautiful environment. The medical staff have strong business abilities, work seriously, are energetic, and have strong emergency abilities. They are a vibrant medical industry. Read more

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