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Primary health care department (including physical examination)

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Primary health care department (including physical examination)

The primary health care department currently has 5 medical staff, including 1 senior title, 2 intermediate title, and 2 bachelor's degrees. Mainly perform public health functions of maternal and child health institutions. Assist the Municipal Health Bureau in formulating relevant policies, technical specifications and rules and regulations for the city's maternal and child health work; entrusted by the Municipal Health Bureau's basic gynecology department to conduct inspections, assessments and evaluations of the various types of health care institutions in the city. Mainly responsible for the investigation and analysis of factors affecting the health status of women and children in the city, review of maternal deaths and deaths of children under five years of age, quality control of maternal and child health information, supervision and management of maternal and child health projects, and professional training of maternal and child health personnel. Maternal and child health management network has been built up to 9 districts, cities and counties; more than 50 times at the grassroots level throughout the year, went to counties, townships, villages, and households to understand the implementation of the "one law and two outlines" and supervised and implemented the maternal and child health goals. Group health work mainly provides health care guidance for child care institutions in the jurisdiction, medical examinations for children and children; female workers in the unit See more

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