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Postpartum rehabilitation center

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Introduction of Postpartum Rehabilitation Center

The postpartum rehabilitation room of our hospital is mainly a project for the physical and psychological problems that women may face postpartum. It is a diagnosis and treatment center for comprehensive health recovery of women's main organs such as the uterus, ovary, vagina, breast, pelvic floor and shape. A set of scientific and complete postpartum rehabilitation system, a high-level, high-quality, high-service medical technical team composed of women's health experts and obstetric experts. The postpartum rehabilitation room quoted the international advanced postpartum health recovery technology, which changed the custom that China could only rely on passive resting for "confinement" for thousands of years, corrected the concept of letting mothers rely on natural rehabilitation instead of active treatment, and improved the majority of women. The quality of life relieves the worries of postpartum physical change and sexual discomfort, making its charm last forever. Postpartum rehabilitation services include: postpartum lactation therapy, postpartum regenerative treatment, postpartum physiotherapy, postpartum urinary retention treatment, surgical analgesia and postoperative recovery treatment, routine treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease, breast lobules See more

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