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Anesthesia operating room

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Introduction of Anesthesia Operating Room

Anesthesia, operating room and hospital were established in 1976. There are 5 anesthesia doctors, including 1 deputy chief physician, 3 attending physicians, 1 physician, 6 nursing staff, including 3 nurses and 3 nurses. In the past ten years, with the development of the hospital, the anesthesia department and operating room have also experienced a leap-forward development period. The size of the department has continued to expand, the types and number of operations have increased year by year, and the scope of business has continued to expand. And talent training have achieved gratifying results. At present, the department is equipped with various advanced anesthesia machines, multi-parameter monitors, video laryngoscopes, microinjection pumps, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, high-frequency electric knife, central oxygen supply and other medical equipment, which can ensure the safety of surgery and Successful implementation. The department is responsible for the clinical anesthesia and surgical tasks of patients in all departments of the hospital, and participates in the rescue treatment and resuscitation of critically ill patients in the hospital, postoperative analgesia, childbirth analgesia, and outpatient painless examination and treatment. Pain medical technologySee more

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