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Introduction to Pharmacy

The pharmacy of Mianyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital was established in 1976, and has gradually developed into the current pharmacy department through the establishment of "second-level" and "three-second". It is a department that integrates administrative management functions and professional and technical functions. There are 7 business staff in the pharmacy department, 2 pharmacists in charge, 1 pharmacist, and 4 pharmacists, all with college education or above. According to the patient-centered pharmacy management model, the Department of Pharmacy conducts clinical pharmacy work with rational use of drugs as its core, gradually establishes a clinical pharmacist system, and provides clinical pharmacy consulting services for the hospital. In addition, the Pharmacy Department is also responsible for pharmacy training, internship, and training of trainees. In recent years, the Department of Pharmacy has consistently adhered to the scientific concept of development, is people-oriented, and serves the people's health wholeheartedly. Development of department work. In the new situation of medical reform, the pharmacy department will make persistent efforts and insist on "patient-centered" See more

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