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Department of Ultrasound Medicine

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Introduction to Ultrasound Medicine

After more than 20 years of development, the imaging department of our hospital has continued to grow. It now has advanced medical equipment, four color ultrasound diagnostic instruments (ALOKA three-dimensional ultrasound in Japan, Yumson ultrasound, Mindray ultrasound and portable color ultrasound diagnostic equipment). Three automatic ECG diagnostic instruments, one digital X-ray camera and one high-frequency molybdenum target X-ray machine. Business Scope: B-ultrasound: carry out whole-body ultrasound (color ultrasound, B-ultrasound) examination, focusing on gynecological, obstetric, breast and pediatric ultrasound examinations. Extensive experience in screening for fetal prenatal diseases. Color Doppler ultrasound guidance for clinical operations can help solve difficult surgical problems. Advantageous business: Gynecological intracavity ultrasound examination, obstetric fetus ultrasound examination, newborn cranial brain ultrasound examination, fetal three-dimensional ultrasound examination. ECG: It has a 12-lead fully automatic ECG machine for general ECG examination. Radiation: It has better inspection equipment, and carries out projects such as digital radiography, radiography, mammography, etc., which can better meet clinical needs. Subview more

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